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Devil Lake Island was a nondescript island situated on the outskirts of the inner seas. The only ones who were aware of its location were the itinerant cultivators who resided on the other nearby islands.

The reason why this island remained in the memories of these cultivators and was given such a peculiar name was because there was a material that could be found on the island, a material known as green copper that was produced in several lakes on the island. The material wasn't very rare nor valuable, but it was essential for refining several types of unique treasures. As such, some low-grade cultivators would occasionally travel to this island to secure this material.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that these lakes contained large quantities of green copper, but in any case, all of the lakes were as green as jade, far greener than the water in a normal lake. Furthermore, if a mortal were to fall into the river, they would be able to float without doing anything.

As such, the coined term of devil lake gradually became popular in the region around the island.

However, this island only had scarce forestry and no spirit veins, so it received very few visitors.

However, on this day, there were around 50 to 60 low-grade cultivators gathered beside one of the lakes. All of the cultivators were busy setting up several complex makeshift formation spells. Most of these cultivators were at the Qi Condensation Stage, and there were only around six or seven Foundation Establishment cultivators among them.

In the air above the center of the lake, there were three Core Formation cultivators gathered, and they were discussing something quietly among themselves.

A wrinkly grey-robed elderly man turned to the other two with a dejected frown, and said, "Junior Martial Brother Lei, we're not going to fail again this time, are we? For the sake of breaking this restriction, I've almost had to expend all of my savings. Throughout this process, I've spent over 200,000 spirit stones! If we fail again, I won't have any more spirit stones to offer."

A handsome blue-robed man harrumphed in reply, "Hmph, you're exaggerating things far too much, Senior Martial Brother Wu. You're the wealthiest among all three of us. The Gold Inscription Pavilion you own is extremely renowned in this surrounding region, so how could you possibly be unable to spare these spirit stones?"

"You may be unaware of this, Junior Martial Brother Lei; even though business appears to be booming for my Gold Inscription Pavilion, it's actually only barely holding on in the face of competition from larger shops like the Fire Cloud Pavilion." The grey-robed man heaved a long sigh with a forlorn expression on his face.

"There's no need to tell us a sob story, Senior Martial Brother Wu! Your Gold Inscription building has been running for a long time, and if there were no profits to be gained from it, why haven't you closed it down already?" The final cultivator of th

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