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The two of them immediately opened their eyes after the barrier of light was shattered by Han Li. Both of them directed their attention upward and were clearly surprised by the sight of Han Li that greeted them.

At the same time, a green and yellow barrier of light settled over the two of them. Even though it was far smaller than the five-colored barrier of light from before, it was still enough to encompass the two of them. At the center of the barrier of light, a semi-transparent embroidered cloth was slowly rotating.

This barrier of light was being released by the cloth.

"How could it be you?" The old woman's wrinkled face was etched with incredulity.

The grey-robed monk also wore a similar expression.

Han Li looked down at the new barrier of light and the embroidered cloth down below as a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Looks like you two have expended quite a lot of effort into this; to think that you would use a treasure to conceal your presence. Tsk tsk! I was wondering why I was unable to see through a mere illusion technique with my Brightsight Spirit Eyes; it turns out that you two were hiding in here hatching a plot this entire time. I really do admire you two for your wisdom!" Han Li was expression admiration with his words, but his expression suggested the contrary as a cold look appeared in his eyes.

The grey-robed monk finally managed to compose himself and uttered a Buddhist prayer before saying, "As expected, you are indeed very powerful, Fellow Daoist Han; even the other three fellow Daoists were unable to capture you. Speaking of which, where are the other three? Have they left the cave?"

The monk cast his gaze around the cave as he spoke, and a hint of alarm welled up in his heart upon making the discovery that Master Arctic Dragon and the other two cultivators were nowhere to be found. He clearly didn't think that Han Li would have any chance of being able to kill the three of them on his own.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and shook his head, then nodded his head. In the end, he heaved a long sigh but refrained from saying anything.

The two people down below were rather perplexed.

The old woman lost her patience first, and glowered up at Han Li as she grumbled, "Hmph, why are you putting on this cryptic act, fellow Daoist? If Master Arctic Dragon and the other two have already left the cave, then the three of us will have to break our way out as well. Otherwise, we'll be trapped once they summon more cultivators here from the North Night Palace."

"There's no need for you to worry about them; all three have died by my hands. Actually, Master Arctic Dragon left behind a Nascent Soul with me. Would you two like to see him one last time before I send you on your way as well?" Han Li asked coldly.

The old woman was initially stunned by Han Li's words before an enraged expression appeared on her face as she asked, "You defeated Master Arctic Dragon?! That's impossible! And what do

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