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Five thin wisps of spiritual Qi poured out from the spirit stone. The spiritual Qi was cool to the touch and remarkably substantial, crawling up Han Li's fingers like five tiny snakes.

Han Li was caught off guard and given a fright as he reflexively withdrew his fingers from the spirit stone.

Even so, the five tiny snakes still squirmed into the meridians in his arms before dissipating on their own.

All of a sudden, a burst of spiritual power that was filled with exuberant vitality spread through his entire body.

Han Li was immediately enshrouded by a warm yet cool sensation, making him feel extremely comfortable, as if he were floating on a cloud.

So this was a top-grade spirit stone? As expected, the spiritual Qi that it provided was far superior to that from high-grade spirit stones.

Han Li hurriedly absorbed this influx of spiritual power with elation in his heart.

Absorbing just that small amount of spiritual power had the same cultivation effect as half a month of meditation. If he were to absorb all of the spiritual power in the entire spirit stone, it would save him at least 10 years of arduous cultivation!

Of course, he wasn't going to succumb to that temptation and waste such an exceptional treasure. A spirit stone that contained such an immense amount of spiritual Qi naturally had to be reserved for critical junctures during breakthroughs.

Han Li flipped his palm over and a small azure box appeared.

He carefully placed the top-grade spirit stone into the wooden box, then plastered several talismans of different colors onto the box before stowing it away into his storage pouch.

Han Li let loose an internal cry of elation as he shot forth into the distance as an azure streak of light.

Several months later, Han Li was close to returning to Silver Shark Island.

However, he immediately realized that something was amiss. As he approached the island, he didn't encounter so much as a single cultivator. That was very bizarre.

When Han Li finally caught sight of Silver Shark Island from afar, the scene presented before his eyes made him falter involuntarily.

A blue barrier of light had appeared over Silver Shark Island and at the same time, restrictions on the island all seemed to have been fully activated. After sweeping his spiritual sense through the surrounding air, Han Li discovered that there was no one around. It was as if all of the cultivators were seeking refuge within the restrictions on the island.

Han Li was rather taken aback upon making this discovery, and he also scanned through the nearby seabed with his spiritual sense. After verifying that there weren't any abnormalities present, he began to fly toward the entrance to the island with a hint of bewilderment in his heart.

The fluctuations of the restriction were more steady there, so it was most likely the designated entrance of the formation.

After flashing through the air a few times, Han Li reached the

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