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Han Li made a hand seal and a series of green Celestial Techniques were cast onto the vial.

After spinning around for a while, the opening of the vial was tipped upside-down and a few violent low snarls could be heard emanating from within.

Immediately afterward, five bursts of grey-white Qi emerged, transforming into five sets of human skeletons that were as pristine as white jade.

The skeletons were only about a foot or so in size when they first appeared, but they quickly swelled to over 20 feet in height. At the same time, the grey-white Qi revolving around them bared its fangs, releasing a burst of sinister cackling that struck horror into one's heart. There were five shiny silver rings embedded deep into the bones of each skeleton around their necks, and their four limbs.

These were the Unbroken Cinque Devils that Han Li had forcibly tamed.

As soon as the five humanoid skeletons were fully expanded, murky grey demonic energy was expelled from their mouths. They abruptly turned around with vicious looks in their eyes and tried to throw themselves at Han Li.

Han Li's expression darkened as he activated the devil control arts. Turbulent waves of green flames were instantly ignited by the five silver rings and the acrid aroma of something being burned wafted through the air. The five demons were forced into retreat as a result, while emitting a panicked screeching sound with horrified looks on their faces.

Han Li then raised an arm and a green thread emerged from his sleeve, slitting his wrist to inflict a small gash.

Five drops of blood roughly the size of a thumb hurtled through the air, shooting in the huge mouths of the five devils with unerring accuracy.

The green energy in the eyes of the five demons instantly changed as their expressions became more tame and docile.


Han Li pointed toward the green-robed middle-aged man in the distance without any hesitation.

Demonic energy tumbled around the five demons and a vicious look appeared in their eyes as they rose into the air. Following a burst of ghastly howling, the five demons transformed into ghostly heads that were around the size of wagons.

The ghostly heads were all extremely terrifying in appearance, and unsettling screeching noises came out of their mouths as they shot forth straight toward Elder Ren. As they did so, a vast expanse of grey-white Qi was swept up behind them, creating an extremely intimidating spectacle to behold.

"The Unbroken Cinque Devils! You killed Old Devil Qian!" The green-robed middle-aged man was initially rather perplexed by the sight of the five demons. However, he had finally identified them and was stunned by the conclusion that he had reached!

The incident regarding Kunwu Mountain's Seal had affected many parties and even though the North Night Palace was situated in quite a secluded location, they still very knowledgeable about the incident. During the incident, the Ye Clan, widely renown

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