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Sinister Yin Blood Corpses were a type of devilish corpse recorded in the corpse refinement tome that Han Li had obtained from Old Devil Qian. There was no actual refinement method recorded, but it did mention that this blood corpse was extremely powerful, yet the refinement process was very vicious. It was said that in order to refine this devilish corpse, one had to use a body with the same bloodline as their own. Only then would they be able to use the power of their bloodline to repress the backlash from the blood corpse.

During the refinement process, the soul of the body being used would be trapped in the body for eternity without being able to pass on to the afterlife.

Cultivators didn't hold blood ties in as high a regard as mortals, but there were still very few cultivators who could do something so heinous and obscene. It was rather peculiar now that Han Li thought about it; even if there were some extremely cruel cultivators who managed to refine such blood corpses, all of them suffered extremely gruesome fates, with none of them living out the entirety of their natural lifespan...

As such, there were many evil cultivators who yearned for these powerful blood corpses, but there weren't that many who dared to actually refine them.

At this point, there were almost no cultivators who knew the method to refine these blood corpses. Even a great cultivator like Old Devil Qian, who had refined the Unbroken Cinque Devils, was unaware of that specific refinement method.

As such, Han Li was naturally very surprised upon identifying the two Sinister Yin Blood Corpses accompanying the white-haired cultivator.

However, regardless of who this white-haired cultivator was or what heinous things he had done in the past, as long as he didn't get in Han Li's way, Han Li couldn't be bothered to pay him any heed. After hovering in the air for a while, Han Li's body swayed as he flew directly toward the mountain peak.

He had used the soul search technique on Daoist Master Swift Crane and the yellow-robed man, but they didn't know the specific location of Zenith Yin's residence, either. All they knew was that he lived on this mountain peak, so Han Li would have to do a bit of searching himself.

He easily subdued a Foundation Establishment guard on the mountain and secured the information he was looking for after using his soul search technique again.

From that guard's memories, he learned that Zenith Yin hadn't gone anywhere and was currently situated in his residence. Han Li was ecstatic upon making this discovery. He reduced the guard to a cloud of dust before heading directly toward the mountain peak.

The pinnacle of the mountain was quite vast and spacious, but there weren't many buildings there. Aside from a few sporadic halls and pavilions, there were only large stretches of empty land.

That was only to be expected. There were many high-grade cultivators on the island, but almost no low-grade cultivators be

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