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The golden light manifested from his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords danced like wagon wheels, keeping all of the surrounding demonic Qi at bay.

Seeing as the demonic beast didn't appear to be as difficult to deal with as he had imagined, Han Li heaved an internal sigh of relief. However, his expression was still quite grave as he looked around incessantly.

Unfortunately, there was nothing around him aside from murky darkness.

"Your flying swords aren't bad at all. I'll take them and play with them for a while." A surprised elderly voice sounded from somewhere within the darkness. It was quite clear that the being who had held Han Li captive in this treasure had developed an interest in his swords.

Han Li faltered initially upon hearing this before a cold smile appeared on his face. He raised his hands and a ball of three-colored lightly abruptly slid out of his sleeve. The spiritual light receded and the Triflame Fan was revealed in his hand.

His opponent was clearly quite powerful, so Han Li had no choice but to take this battle seriously.

Right after the Triflame Fan appeared in his hand, the demonic Qi overhead suddenly began to tremor violently amid a loud howling sound. Demonic Qi tumbled like turbulent waves, creating a massive vortex in mid-air.

The vortex was completely pitch-black in color with a radius of over 100 feet. As soon as it emerged, it immediately began to rotate rapidly while emitting a sharp screeching noise.

A vast expanse of black light then shot forth from the center of the vortex, sweeping directly toward Han Li.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this and he knew that he had been plunged into a perilous situation. As such, he immediately made a hand seal to activate his sword arts.

A crisp ringing sound erupted from the golden light around him and the golden swords suddenly converged, forming a golden lotus flower that was constantly swirling with light as it slowly began to rotate.

Right at this moment, the black light came tumbling down and inundated the entire golden lotus flower.

As soon as the two made contact with one another, the sound of countless swords and blades clashing erupted, creating a very disturbing chorus of chaotic sounds that disrupted one's cognitive functions.

Han Li was abruptly struck by a sense of dizziness and at the same time, an immense force began to draw the golden lotus formed by his flying swords upward, trying to wrest it away from Han Li's control.

Han Li's expression changed slightly as he began to circulate all of the magic power within his body.

If he were an average mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, he really wouldn't be able to prevent his magic treasure from being wrenched away by this enormous suction force. However, after cultivating the Azure Essence Sword Art, his cultivation base was a lot more powerful than that of cultivators of the same stage. Furthermore, his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword had been refined

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