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Han Li immediately composed his expression again before walking toward the pavilions as if nothing had happened.

Daoist Master Swift Crane and the yellow-robed man also only took cursory glances at Han Li. They were surprised to see that his cultivation base was quite advanced, but they didn't pay him any heed as they led the four Core Formation cultivators toward the center of the city.

Han Li also walked on ahead without even turning his head, giving off the impression that he was merely passing by.

However, right at this moment, Daoist Master Swift Crane and the yellow-robed man's lips began to move, but they uttered no sounds, thereby indicating that they were conversing using voice transmissions.

Han Li had his back to the two of them and his footsteps faltered slightly again. However, he quickly continued onward, getting further and further away from Daoist Master Swift Crane and the others.

After rounding a final corner, Han Li walked into a rather stylish pavilion.

Two hours later, he finally exited the shop, accompanied by a cultivator who appeared to be the manager.

However, he didn't immediately depart. Instead, he walked into a nearby shop...

When Han Li finally made his way out of the fifth shop, he had exchanged all of the superfluous treasures and materials that he was carrying for over 100 high-grade spirit stones, a result that he was very satisfied with.

However, just as he began to walk away, he suddenly discovered that several unfamiliar Core Formation cultivators had appeared nearby. All of them appeared to be simply casually shopping around, but the peculiar expressions flashing through their eyes suggested a more sinister purpose.

Han Li chuckled coldly and immediately decided to stray from his original plan. As such, he began to walk along the street out of the market, then exited the stone city on foot altogether.

The cultivators were all using concealment techniques as they pursued Han Li. However, after making it out of the city gates, all of them turned to look at one another.

Han Li had been enshrouded under their spiritual sense this entire time, but he had somehow disappeared! Their surroundings were entirely devoid of Han Li's presence.

This turn of events naturally had the cultivators scrambling around in a panic.

Some of them had been deployed by the shops that Han Li had visited while others had noticed that Han Li had visited many shops, and had been seen off by the managers in a respectful manner on each occasion, thereby alerting them to the fact that major transactions had taken place.

Han Li was posing as a late-Core Formation cultivator, but in the face of a sufficiently tempting reward, these people were not going to back down. Many of them had already decided in advance to join forces.

However, following Han Li's mysterious disappearance, these cultivators could only search through the surrounding area in a dumbstruck manner. None of them

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