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Han Li left through the gap that had opened up with the humanoid puppet and the Fire Raven before appearing above the Spirit Void Hall's altar.

He waved his hand behind him without even turning around and the Celestial Blue Cauldron flew toward him, quickly shrinking once again before flying into his sleeve.

A loud burst of rumbling erupted as the Profound Jade Cave sealed over again.

Han Li turned to look around him to discover that there was no one in the general vicinity, identical to the situation when he had entered the Profound Jade Cave.

He heaved a faint sigh of relief but his brows then furrowed at the sight of the tall ice pillars on the altar before him. This Frigid Soulfreeze Formation was going to be quite troublesome to deal with!

The glacial Qi within the formation wasn't going to pose much of a threat to him but even so, breaking the formation would not be an easy task. After all, this formation wasn't some kind of temporary formation; it was an ancient spell formation in all its glory without any of its power blunted or discounted in any way.

Furthermore, what Han Li was more concerned about was not this formation, but instead how to open the gate of the Spirit Void Hall.

Back when he had first come in, Master Arctic Dragon had told him that opening the gate from the inside would be a simple task. However, it was quite clear now that his words had been deceitful in nature. Even if it were indeed a simple task to open the gate from the inside, a special Celestial Technique would most likely be required.

With that in mind, Han Li didn't immediately tackle the Frigid Soulfreeze Formation. Instead, he patted his storage pouch and a stack of formation banners radiating all different colors of spiritual light appeared in his hands.

He hurled the banners downward and they disappeared in a flash, vanishing into a certain spot on the altar. A ball of white mist then emerged from that spot, encompassing a radius of over 100 feet.

Han Li flipped over his palm upon seeing this to produce the vial treasure within which Master Arctic Dragon's Nascent Soul was sealed.

After contemplating what he was going to do next, he decided to use a soul search technique on the Nascent Soul first to extract more information about the Spirit Void Hall, in order to prevent falling into some type of predicament due to his lack of knowledge. Of course, he was also going to search for information regarding the Puresun Flame Essence. Thus, Han Li slowly descended with the vial in his hand.

His body disappeared into the mist in the blink of an eye and the entire Spirit Void Hall fell silent, with only the mist in the formation tumbling incessantly.

A full two hours later, the white mist in the formation suddenly shuddered violently before quickly thinning at a rate perceptible to the naked eye.

After most of the mist had vanished, Han Li's figure was revealed again, standing at the center of the formation.

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