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The Nascent Soul looked with a resentful expression as Han Li stowed away his green ruler before descending from above.

Its lips were tightly sealed as it glowered coldly at Han Li.

Master Arctic Dragon clearly knew that there was no point in begging for Han Li to spare him. There was no way that Han Li would let him go no matter how much he pleaded, and doing so would only bring more humiliation upon himself.

His only regret was that he didn't unleash a secret technique to put an end to his own Nascent Soul before it was captured.

Now that his Nascent Soul had been completely immobilized by Han Li, self-detonation was nothing more than a distant dream.

Han Li looked at Master Arctic Dragon's Nascent Soul with a smile on his face, but he didn't say anything. Instead, his sleeve rustled as he produced a small green vial, which flew through the air and appeared above the Nascent Soul in a flash.

Han Li pointed a finger at the vial and a burst of white light emerged from its opening, absorbing Master Arctic Dragon's Nascent Soul into the vial.

Han Li raised his hand and gestured toward the Celestial Blue Cauldron in the distance. The wisp of Greatyin True Flame immediately carried the cauldron toward him before disappearing into his sleeve.

Only then did Han Li stow away the green vial treasure before descending as a streak of green light.

A moment later, a green light flashed as Han Li re-emerged atop a pile of rubble before surveying his surroundings with furrowed brows.

Bai Mengxin, who had been trapped within the silver curtain of light, lay sprawled on a pile of rubble nearby. Blood was gushing from a puncture wound on her lower abdomen with a diameter comparable to a size of a bowl, and it was quite clear this was nothing more than a dead body.

Furthermore, the body was entirely devoid of blood essence and energy, thereby indicating that her Nascent Soul had already escaped.

Han Li turned his attention toward the Qilin silhouette, beside which the puppet stood on the spot, completely stationary, as if it hadn't taken a single step away from where it was standing since Han Li's departure. However, the Tailstar Essence Shield and Devil Essence Dagger hovering in front of it were shimmering with faint spiritual light.

Roughly 400 to 500 feet away, five sets of human skeletons were swaying as they stood shoulder to shoulder next to one another. The vast expanse of grey and white demonic energy in the air had already disappeared. One of the skeletons was holding a green storage pouch in its hand, while another was examining a small ball of black flames in its hands, which was flashing as it dimmed and brightened intermittently.

Han Li's furrowed brows quickly relaxed. He scanned through the surrounding area with his spiritual sense before forging a spiritual connection with the puppets, upon which he instantly understood what had just taken place.

It turned out that Bai Mengxin finally s

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