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However, that split second of hesitation proved to bear lethal connotations.

A burst of spatial fluctuations suddenly appeared several tens of feet away from it. Han Li emerged from thin air with purple flames all over his body before sweeping a sleeve toward the demon tortoise.

36 small swords shot forth from his sleeve at once, transforming into over 100 streaks of golden light in the blink of an eye. The golden light formed a dense net of swords that came crashing down toward the demon tortoise.

"It's you?"

The demon tortoise finally caught sight of Han Li's true features, and it immediately identified him, upon which it let loose a horrified cry as if it had seen a ghost. As the sight of the streaks of golden light hurtling toward it, the demon tortoise immediately turned deathly pale.

It had seen how Han Li had used just a single streak of this golden to slay an eighth grade demon beast, and even his victim's most prized treasure wasn't able to pose any resistance.

The demon tortoise was only an eighth grade demon beast itself and in its intense horror, it let loose several roars in quick succession. At the same time, it took off its long robes, which transformed into a dark cloud that came flying toward the net of swords. At the same time, inky-black demonic Qi materialized over its body as it attempted to unleash a secret technique to get away. However, right at this moment, a bone-chilling harrumph sounded from between Han Li's lips.

The demon tortoise was immediately struck by excruciating pain, as if its spiritual sense were being torn apart. It clasped its hands over its head and let loose a bloodcurdling cry as jets of black blood shot out from his ears and nose.

The demon tortoise then plummeted from the sky.

Meanwhile, the dark cloud was instantly sliced into countless segments by the net of swords, and those segments transformed into fingernail-sized tortoise shell fragments that came raining down from above.

Brilliant golden light flashed and the net of swords descended toward the demon tortoise without any pause.

The demon tortoise had only just recovered slightly from the agony of having its spiritual sense torn apart, and it was completely unable to avoid this net of swords.

In its despair, the demon beast gritted its teeth, and roared, "Brother Gold, this man is the Li-surnamed man from... "

However, before it had a chance to finish its sentence, Han Li's expression darkened as he abruptly activated his sword arts.

The net of swords immediately contracted as countless streaks of golden light flashed past the demon tortoise's body, slicing it into countless pieces. Even the green flames manifested by its soul only flashed once before it was inundated by golden light.

It had only taken Han Li several seconds to slay the demon tortoise. His body swayed and he transformed into a streak of azure light again, covering a distance of several thousand feet in the blink of an

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