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Han Li's eyes immediately sprang open upon hearing this roar, and a surprised look appeared on his face.

With the power of his current spiritual sense, even without intentionally releasing it, he could gauge the situation in a radius of several thousand feet around him as if it were second nature. Furthermore, prior to landing on this island, he had made sure to scan through the surrounding area in a radius of close to 50 kilometers, but was unable to find any demon beasts.

However, now was not the time to consider these things. He immediately unleashed his spiritual sense with all his might toward the seabed around the small island.

The roar had come from directly down below!

Mere moments later, Han Li's expression changed and he suddenly shot forth into the sky as a streak of azure light. He reached an altitude of several thousand feet in the blink of an eye before stopping there, looking down below with a grave expression.

Almost at the exact same moment, gusts of sea wind intermingled with a foul odor were swept up. Countless vortexes of different sizes appeared on the face of the nearby ocean and rows of massive waves, each over 100 feet tall, emerged one after the other. Loud rumbling booms erupted as the gargantuan waves crashed into each other, sending vast amounts of seawater spraying into the air above.

A horrifying doomsday-like scenario ensued.

Han Li spread his spiritual sense even further and to his astonishment, he discovered that the sea in a radius of roughly 50 kilometers had all been plunged into the same state of turmoil.

As his spiritual sense descended toward the seabed, it was forcibly sucked away by something after reaching depths of over 10,000 feet.

Even though he reacted just in time to withdraw his spiritual sense, a small wisp of it had still been forcibly taken.

A wave of shock surged through his heart as he hurriedly flew higher up into the air, awaiting the emergence of the creature in the ocean in a solemn manner.

Could it be that there was some almighty demon beast down there? But even a tenth grade demon beast seemed to be unable to stir up such a terrifying commotion. Perhaps this was a legendary Deity Transformation Stage demon beast, but that didn't seem to be the case either.

If he wasn't mistaken, once a demon beast exceeded the tenth grade, they would also be negatively affected by the lack of the world's origin Qi in the human world, so how could it display its might with such reckless abandon?

In doing so, it would be inflicting self-harm!

As such, Han Li was rather perplexed.

Theoretically speaking, once a demon beast exceeded the tenth grade, they would be assigned the same cultivation base titles as human cultivators. Of course, it was also acceptable to continue to refer to them as eleventh grade or twelfth grade beasts. It was just that human cultivators normally wouldn't refer to them as such.

After all, once a demon beast exceeded t

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