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Even though Han Li was a little suspicious about how this Ice Phoenix was related to the Glacial Phoenix Flames, he didn't think too much about this matter. Instead, he felt that it was rather strange how Old Devil Che wasn't helping out the Ice Phoenix, but had chosen to suck himself into the Myriad Demon Flag instead.

That woman was clearly the palace master of the North Night Palace, the other late-Nascent Soul cultivator of the North Night Palace.

It appeared that she was significantly weaker than Master Arctic Dragon. At the very least, she had never cultivated any glacial flames. Otherwise, with the assistance of two mid-Nascent Soul cultivators, they wouldn't be struggling so arduously against a tenth grade Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix's white glacial flames were simply far too powerful. After the three North Night Palace cultivators were swept up in the flames, their powers were immediately debilitated drastically.

This was quite an eye-opening sight for Han Li. It was the first time that he had been made aware of the fact that glacial flames could be so powerful. The flames being unleashed by this Ice Phoenix were almost powerful enough to defy the natural order of heaven and earth!

In such a perilous situation for the three North Night Palace cultivators, Old Devil Che could easily step in and crush the three of them with the phoenix by his side.

Could it be that the Ice Phoenix and Old Devil Che didn't see eye to eye, so he didn't dare to emerge from the Myriad Demon Flag?

That was the only plausible explanation that Han Li could think of.

However, right at this moment, a surprising incident took place.

The demonic Qi around the massive flag in the air began to tumble as a section of a dead body and several damaged treasures fell from the flag, plummeting straight down into the hall.

Han Li was caught by surprise and given a fright, but upon closer inspection, he discovered that the incomplete corpse was clothed in North Night Palace attire, and it appeared that they had been quite a high-ranking cultivator in the palace; most likely a Nascent Soul elder.

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this. Only then did he realize that he wasn't the only one to have been trapped in the Myriad Demon Flag; there were other North Night Palace cultivators trapped in there as well. It was no wonder that the flag was hovering in mid-air, but was only guarding this entrance.

Han Li was wondering how long those North Night Palace cultivators had been trapped in the flag.

Those who had lasted until this point without being killed in the Myriad Demon Flag had most likely unleashed some types of secret techniques that allowed them to temporarily contend with the might of the flag. Otherwise, with the might of Old Devil Che in conjunction with the power of the Myriad Demon Flag, there was no way that those cultivators could've lasted this long.

However, as long as there were

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