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The raven only had to flap its wings slightly to unleash a pillar of purple flames that was several times more powerful than the previous one. Not only did the flames sweep aside the yellow mist with ease, even the strange insects behind the cloud were sealed in ice, completely immobilized.

The Fire Raven's crimson eyes flashed and it flew toward the three-eyed demon beast with boundless glacial Qi emanating from its body.

The demon beast was trapped under the immense power of the monk staff and couldn't move a single inch. As such, it could only blast out a streak of black light from its third demonic eye.

However, the black light immediately disappeared into the Fire Raven's body, inflicting no damage on its target whatsoever. The purple Fire Raven let loose a long cry and reached the three-eyed demon beast in a flash.

The demon beast's entire body was enveloped by turbulent purple flames and it let loose a howl of anguish before it was sealed into a massive purple ice statue, frozen solid with an expression of shock and horror on its face.

Its protective demonic Qi was completely ineffective against the Purple Apex Flames!

A humanoid figure flashed toward the ice statue and the humanoid puppet emerged amid a burst of silver light. It rubbed its hands together before raising them into the air in unison, upon which two arcs of golden lightning struck the statue amid the sound of a resounding thunderclap.

As a result, the purple ice crumbled and the physical body of the demon beast sealed within naturally fell apart as well. However, a burst of green light then flashed through the air as a ball of green flames even larger than the green-eyed demon beast's essence shot forth. It only flashed a few times before it traveled over 200 feet away.

"Isn't it a little too late to try and run now?"

A cold voice sounded, followed by an explosive thunderclap. A silver arc of light abruptly appeared before the green flames and Han Li emerged from within with his hands clasped behind his back. Silver light shimmered around his body as he appraised the demon beast's essence with a half-smile.

The demon beast's essence immediately tried to flee in another direction, but Han Li merely extended a hand to produce a green wooden ruler, which he gently waved toward the beast's essence.

Spiritual light flashed as a huge silver lotus that was around a foot in diameter instantly appeared beneath the beast's essence. The petals turned slightly and the demon beast was struck by the feeling that all of the spiritual Qi around it had congealed, making it unable to unleash its teleportation technique.

Its heart sank as spiritual light erupted from the silver petals and streaks of seven-colored Buddhist light shot forth from the center of the lotus. The streaks of light ensnared the beast's essence before rapidly pulling it back and forcibly capturing it into the silver lotus.

A cry of shock and horror rang out and the sil

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