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As the war unfolded, a storm roiled within the hill of stones inside Profound Jade Cave. A purple lotus enveloped Han Li as he held his hand in an incantation gesture. An exceptionally thin sliver of purple flames trailed into the huge light sphere in front of him.

In addition to Han Li’s own flames, black, white, yellow, and green glacial flames shot into them, all of them coming from other cultivators that were sitting in their lotuses.

At the moment, these five cultivators had pale complexions and tired faces.

The surface of the light sphere was wrapped in wandering flames where a single silhouette was sitting cross-legged.

No longer an old dwarf, Master Arctic Dragon now appeared to be three meters tall and his age regressed to a man of thirty years at the peak of his health. However, his face still contained a strong resemblance to his former self. It was truly an odd sight to behold.

At the moment, pure immense essence pierced into his shoulders, abdomen, and nape in the form of sparkling silver blades. Through they were embedded halfway, they didn’t leak even a drop of blood.

But what was most noticeable was the several various-colored light worms emitting from his half-closed eyes. The flesh from his body seemed to be a lair of them, as they continuously burrowed in and out from his flesh.

Each time a worm emerged, Arctic Dragon’s body trembled and agony briefly appeared on his face.

Under closer inspection, one would astonishedly discover that the worms were condensed from the different glacial flames. And each time the worms reemerged from his skin, it became smaller.

Once the worms shrunk to a certain extent, the light worm scattered in a bang. Immediately after, a strand of flame of an identical color would condense into another worm of light and burrow into Arctic Dragon’s body.

This scene continued repeatedly.

Also, there was an astonishing sight occurring right outside his Dantian. There was a three-inch-large Nascent Soul that resembled Arctic Dragon. It had its hands clasped in an incantation gesture and its body was covered in layers of flickering blue flames. The light worms seemed to ignore the blue flames and parted through them, only for them to enter through the Nascent Soul’s nose and leave through its mouth a moment later.

The Nascent Soul was expressionless and the flames pulsed from its body, adding an air of mystery.

After an unknown amount of time, the man’s body violently trembled and he suddenly opened his eyes.

Han Li and the others seemed to have been given a sign and they all switched incantation gestures at nearly the same time. The huge light sphere above them collapsed into the various flames that originally formed it and were recalled to their original owners and the lotuses that surrounded each of the cultivators dissolved into air.

Afterwards, they took their medicine pills and they took out their spirit stones before entering a meditative rest.

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