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Lightning Sky Island was already quite a large island, but it was simply incomparable to the massive scale of Green Spirit Island. Han Li hovered in the air several tens of kilometers away from Green Spirit Island, surveying the island from afar. He felt as if this island wasn't much smaller than Heavenly Star City.

Of course, the island didn't have as many buildings, nor huge mountains like the sacred mountain. However, there were several mountains that were close to 100,000 feet in height and they were extremely rare in their own right.

What was most astonishing was that the mountains were all extremely steep and barren. From afar, not even a single blade of grass could be seen growing on the mountains, making them appear as if they were stone pillars extending all the way up into the heavens. The peaks of the mountains down to around their halfway points were all obscured from view by the clouds.

However, none of those details caught Han Li's attention. What he was more concerned about was the fact that there wasn't even a single tinge of green to be seen on the entire island. The whole island had a drab greyish-white undertone and he couldn't sense any spiritual Qi fluctuations coming from the island, either.

This island was like a desolate land without any spirit veins!

Han Li was rather perplexed upon making this observation.

Wasn't it said that this island had massive spirit stone mines? How could it not even have a single spirit vein? Generally speaking, spirit mines were products of spirit veins. Where spirit veins existed, spirit stone mines of different grades would inevitably slowly emerge. Conversely speaking, places where spirit stone mines were found generally had spirit veins as well.

In Han Li's imagination, an island on which high-grade spirit stone mines could be formed had to be sitting on top quality spirit veins that were extremely rare in the human world.

However, the scenes currently laid out before his eyes had him at a loss for words.

After contemplating the situation, Han Li realized that he had been too naive. If there were top quality spirit veins that were easy to discover on a massive island like this, how could the so-called high-grade spirit stone mines only have been unearthed recently? They would've been mined by ancient cultivators until there was nothing left. It appeared that there was something on this island that could conceal the fluctuations of spirit veins.

With that in mind, Han Li was immediately enlightened.

He raised his head to look up at the scorching sun. It was noon at this point and even though Han Li was confident in his abilities, it was naturally still more convenient to act at night. Thus, he circled over the surrounding area for a while before discovering a rock that was exposed above the surface of the ocean, upon which he landed upon it.

He then sat down on the rock with his legs folded in front of him and began to meditate.

Several ho

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