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The group of cultivators before him were clad in Star Palace attire, clearly indicating that they had just come from the Heavenly Star Island. Han Li was flying through the air without any intention of obscuring his own presence, so he was naturally spotted by this group of cultivators.

As such, they immediately flew toward Han Li.

However, Han Li had used a technique to completely obscure his cultivation base. Thus, regardless of whether a Foundation Establishment or Core Formation cultivator tried to ascertain his cultivation base with their divine sense, they were struck by the feeling that Han Li was like a ball of cloud and mist, thereby preventing them from being able to determine his cultivation base.

Right at this moment, a cry of surprise rang out from the group.

Han Li's expression changed as he turned toward the cultivator with the snowy white cloak obscuring their features. This cultivator's entire body was enshrouded in a massive cloak, making it impossible for Han Li to determine their gender. Furthermore, even Han Li's powerful spiritual sense was unable to see through the cloak.

This was quite a surprising discovery to him.

However, the aura emanating from this person was rather familiar to Han Li, and they were the only Nascent Soul cultivator in the group, so he was naturally determined to find out who this person was.

As such, a blue light flashed through his eyes as he attempted to use his Brightsight Spirit Eyes to forcibly see through the cloak.

"Greetings, Fellow Daoist Han. Long time no see; how have you been?"

However, right at this moment, an attractive chuckle sounded from beneath the cloak, following which the hood of the cloak was lifted to reveal a set of gorgeous porcelain-like features that carried a hint of a smile.

"Ling Yuling!" Han Li exclaimed upon seeing the face beneath the hood.

This person was none other than the beautiful Star Palace cultivator whom he had saved all those years ago outside the Heavenly Star City.

Han Li laid a finger on his own nose as a smile also appeared on his face.

"To think that you would still recognize me after so many years apart; I feel extremely honored! Also, I must congratulate you on progressing to the Nascent Soul Stage!" Ling Yuling smiled as he appraised Han Li carefully, upon which a hint of surprise appeared on her face.

She was also unable to ascertain Han Li's cultivation base, but she knew that Han Li's cultivation base was definitely not inferior to her own. Upon establishing that, the smile on her face became even warmer and more inviting.

"You're far too kind, Fellow Daoist Ling. Haven't you also progressed to the Nascent Soul Stage?"

Ling Yuling smiled but didn't reply right away. Instead, she turned her head and instructed in a cold voice, "You guys go on ahead first. I have some things I have to discuss with Fellow Daoist Han, and I'll catch up to you guys later."

"Yes, Elder!" The other Star

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