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Han Li didn't immediately procure those two balls of glacial flames. Instead, he cocked his head to the side and fell into deep thought.

A thought suddenly occurred to him as he turned back to glance at the Unbroken Cinque Devils, then down at the two balls of glacial flames again. All of a sudden, he seemed to have reached some sort of conclusion with his thoughts and abruptly burst into laughter.

His boisterous laughter echoed throughout the entire cave.

Han Li's laughter tapered off as he murmured to himself, "Fantastic! This journey was definitely not a waste of time!"

He waved his hand downward, upon which the two balls of glacial flames were drawn toward him by an invisible force.

Han Li unleashed countless thin goldens arcs of light amid the sound of rumbling thunderclaps, encapsulating those two balls of glacial flames in golden balls of thread as well before stowing them away into Profound Jade boxes.

After doing all that, Han Li released that black jade vial from his sleeve and uttered a chant to get the Unbroken Cinque Devils sealed back into the vial.

The five devils seemed to be aware of Han Li's intentions and they were trying to stall for time, clearly unwilling to return to the vial.

Han Li's expression darkened as he let loose a stern cry. He pointed a finger toward the five devils and the silver rings on their bodies immediately shuddered as azure spiritual light erupted.

The five devils had been afflicted by the might of those rings more than once and they immediately followed Han Li's command, emitting a ghostly cry as they transformed into five bursts of grey-white Qi before entering the vial.

Only then did Han Li carefully stow the vial back into his sleeve.

As for the humanoid puppet off to the side, Han Li didn't appear to have any intention of stowing it away. Instead, he pulled out a green high-grade spirit stone and slapped it onto the puppet, replacing the other spirit stone that was about to be exhausted of energy.

As long as the puppet wasn't fighting at full power, its draining effect on spirit stones was completely negligible.

His body flashed through the air and he descended gently, landing in front of a large rock amid a pile of rubble. There were some relatively large fragments of Myriad Year Glacial Jade embedded into the rock and they were shimmering with a faint white light.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as he patted his storage pouch, upon which a thin and long beaker appeared in his hand.

He tapped the beaker and the lid flew off by itself. The beaker then tilted slightly and a large clump of pitch-black liquid spilled out from within, emanating bursts of grey Qi. It was completely identical to the Yin Spirit Water used by Bai Mengxin to extract the Myriad Year Glacial Jade.

This liquid was some "dark water" that Han Li had procured after unintentionally stumbling into the Umbra Realm. He had thought that this dark water appeared to be quite inter

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