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Han Li's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. A loud thunderclap erupted from behind him, upon which he disappeared as an arc of lightning.

On the other side, green light flashed in front of the teleportation formation that was being attacked and a murky green woman appeared; it was none other than the Infernal Ghost Mother.

In the face of the surging sword Qi and glacial Qi, the Infernal Ghost Mother cackled before launching her palms toward the oncoming attacks. She did so in an extremely gentle manner, as if she were merely absentmindedly pressing her hands against the air rather than offering up any retaliation.

The five bursts of sword Qi abruptly shattered and crumbled before disappearing into nothingness around 10 feet away.

As for the glacial Qi descending from above, it seemed to have been impeded by some type of invisible force before being swept backward, forcing the four-winged centipede into a frenzied defense.

Right at this moment, silver light flashed as Han Li appeared within the smaller teleportation formation. He immediately raised a hand without any hesitation to launch a Celestial Technique into the edge of the formation, then made a hand seal as he quickly chanted something in a low voice.

Almost at the exact same moment, a humanoid figure appeared from behind him as the humanoid puppet unleashed countless flaming arrows with its red bow, which came raining down on the silver-robed woman like a torrential storm.

Meanwhile, a crimson light suddenly flashed in the eye sockets of skeleton, which was attacking the small child with all its might, and it suddenly reverted back into five ghostly heads without any warning. Those five ghostly heads then tumbled through the air and disappeared in unison.

In the next instant, five bursts of grey-white Qi appeared above Han Li's head before transforming into five ghostly heads once again.

They had been forcibly summoned back by Han Li.

At this moment, white light began to flash from the entire formation. Han Li stood at the center of the formation, staring intently at the silver-robed woman with a grave look on his face.

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

Han Li's actions had clearly taken both the palace master and the silver-robed woman by surprise.

The palace master's expression changed drastically as she hurtled through the air as a streak of silver light. At the same time, she let loose a loud cry, "Destroy the formation; don't let him get away!"

Even though she wasn't making it very specific whom she was referring to, it was quite clear that she was directing her words toward Han Li.

After all, regardless of whether Han Li had actually killed the North Night Palace cultivators in the Profound Jade Cave, the palace master required his assistance in this battle. If he were to leave, even with the help of the Infernal Ghost Mother, she wouldn't be able to take on these two powerful demon beasts at o

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