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The countless flaming arrows overhead converged to form a thick pillar of flames, which struck the black light barrier. At the same time, the small child's hand made contact with the shield before him, and the thickness of the light barrier instantly increased by severalfold.

Following a resounding boom, an astonishing explosion of flames erupted on the barrier, causing it to tremor in an alarming manner. The Devil Essence Dagger up above also struck the tip of the light barrier soundlessly.

The dagger was able to slice a thin slit in the light barrier, through which it continued downward toward the small child.

However, right at this moment, the coin-like treasure that was enveloped in black Qi arrived just in the nick of time, clashing with the dagger to create a crisp ringing sound.

A peculiar light flashed once again and both treasures disappeared at the same time.

Han Li's heart jolted with surprise upon seeing this. Thankfully, the humanoid puppet informed him through a spiritual sense message that the Devil Essence Dagger hadn't actually disappeared. Instead, it had simply been trapped someplace nearby.

Han Li focused his attention back on the battle at hand and unleashed his other trump card.

Among the several tens of Fire Ravens who had been kept at bay outside the black light barrier, one of them suddenly spread their wings and let loose a loud cry. Its body swelled to several times its original size in the blink of an eye before a burst of white glacial Qi was blasted out of its mouth.

This was none other than the Greatyin Fire Raven that had absorbed a large amount of Profound Jade's glacial Qi in the Profound Jade Cave.

Without careful refinement over a period of months or even years, there was naturally no way that this glacial Qi could be converted into the essential fire of the Greatyin True Flame. However, a lot of it had just been released at Han Li's behest.

The white glacial Qi struck the light barrier, creating a stark contrast between the black light and the white Qi. A thick layer of translucent ice began to spread over the light barrier it took only a split second before a massive ball of ice was formed, sealing the black light barrier and the small child within.

A hint of elation appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing.

However, he was naturally aware of the fact that just an ice seal wouldn't actually be able to restrict a tenth grade demon beast. As such, he was only using this attack to try and temporarily immobilize him. At the same time, he immediately made a hand seal while pointing toward the golden swords hovering near the huge ball of ice. He began to chant as the golden swords flew into the sky in unison, circling around in the air before dispersing and beginning to vanish one by one.

Old Devil Che was proving to be a very troublesome opponent to deal with, so Han Li decided to set up the Aureate Sword Formation in order to slay this demon.

However, he only

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