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The woman's spiritual sense was disrupted and as a result, her flying swords, which were previously on par with Han Li's flying swords, grew significantly weaker.

Han Li abruptly injected more energy into his sword upon seeing that as the dozen or so Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords began to exude golden light in unison, while circling around the sluggish ice swords.

A loud cracking sound erupted as almost half of the ice swords were snapped in half by the golden flying swords.

The remaining few ice swords also dimmed significantly and began to emit an insistent anguished screech, seemingly as if they had been severely damaged.

The woman in white had just regained her senses and was stunned to see her magic treasures being destroyed. She threw up several mouthfuls of blood essence from the backlash, but had no time to pay any heed to her own condition as she hurriedly summoned all of the remaining flying swords back to herself.

Otherwise, if all of the flying swords were destroyed, she would sustain far more severe injuries.

However, Han Li had already sprung into action. He wasn't going to allow her to simply withdraw her swords without an impediment.

He quickly raised his hand and pointed toward the flying swords in the distance. As a result, the Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords immediately began to pursue the fleeing ice swords. At the same time, the flying swords without any opponents flew through the air at an extremely fearsome speed, circling around to in front of the ice swords. Thus, the remaining ice swords were sandwiched between the swarms of Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

Han Li activated his sword art again and just when he was preparing to completely destroy the ice swords with his own flying swords, a thunderous roar suddenly erupted from overhead.

"Don't you dare!"

Two streaks of black light then flashed through the air as two fierce black wyrms emerged from the snowflakes overhead. Each of the wyrms was around 70 to 80 feet in length and were extremely ferocious.

Han Li's expression remained calm, as if he had already predicted this attack in advance. He continued to activate his sword art with one hand while suddenly raising his other hand, producing a shiny red scroll in the process.

A burst of spiritual light erupted as the treasure was unfurled.

A clear cry rang out from within the scroll as over 100 ancient runes that were golden and silver in color flew forth from within. As soon as those ancient runes emerged, they swelled drastically in size before transforming into countless balls of light as they met the oncoming the black wyrms.

The two wyrms didn't hold back either as they blasted streaks of black light from their mouths relentlessly and dove into the swarm of ancient runes.

Loud booms rang out incessantly as golden and silver light erupted on the wyrms' bodies. Not only did they shatter the black light on the bodies of wyrms, they even managed to send the tw

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