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Her Dao Companion had also made his way out of the wooden cabin just in time to hear Han Li's proposed solutions, and his face also paled with despair.

However, he took a deep breath to muster up his courage before making his way over to Han Li. He extended a deep bow toward Han Li, and said in an earnest voice, "We're not asking for much; we only want our daughter to live a little longer. Even if she only makes it to the Foundation Establishment Stage, that's enough. Would my Dao Companion and I somehow be able to combine our powers to repress the backlash from our daughter's Yang-type energy, just so we can help Qin'er reach the Foundation Establishment Stage?"

Han Li glanced at the man before shaking his head as he said, "At your current early-Core Formation Stage cultivation bases, it would definitely be impossible. However, if you can reach the late-Core Formation Stage and be willing to sacrifice some of your cultivation base, you can give it a try."

Even the man fell completely silent this time.

They wanted to ask for Han Li's assistance, but they didn't dare to ask for more.

Han Li had already provided them with more help than they had any right to ask for. No matter how much the two of them loved their daughter, they knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to keep pressing Han Li.

After all, this was not an issue that could be resolved on a one-time basis. The solution would be for Han Li to constantly keep the young woman by his side, and it was quite clear that no high-grade cultivator would be willing to carry such baggage with them.

However, to their surprise, Han Li provided them with an alternative arrangement, one that shocked them to such an extent that they couldn't help but think that they had misheard him.

"I have a formation spells book here for your daughter. If she masters the contents of this book to a satisfactory degree the next time I see her, I can consider taking her under my wing. Of course, in that case, I'll also help her reach the Foundation Establishment Stage and perhaps even the Core Formation Stage. However, it's up to her to convince me to take her first. Let me make this clear now; this book is only for your daughter to read. If you two try to master the contents of the book, then attempt to teach her, I'll definitely be able to see through your tricks and I'll leave right away!"Han Li's voice wasn't very loud, but his words exploded like claps of thunder in the hearts of Wen Siyue and her Dao Companion.

"Senior Han, are you being serious right now?" Wen Siyue was in complete disbelief.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he swept a sleeve through the air. A jade box shot forth from within, hovering slowly toward the couple.

"That box contains the book 'Formation Spell Essentials'. The formation spells depicted in the book aren't very complex, but there are some unique aspects that I'll be focusing on to test your daughter's aptitude in formation spells," Han

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