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"Won't it be too early if we were to go now? We can just retreat when those demons get to the city," a heavily-bearded and disagreed.

A white-faced elderly man who had already sustained injuries retorted, "If we wait until then, it'll be too late."

He was clearly in agreement with the beautiful woman's opinion.

"Hmph, have you become a coward just from a single battle against these demons, Senior Martial Brother Wang?" the bearded man jeered.

In the face of the man's jeers, the old man remained calm as he said indifferently, "You don't know anything, Junior Martial Brother Tong; you haven't seen the might of the Myriad Demon Flag with your own eyes. Even though it's only a spirit treasure replica, it's power won't be inferior to the primordial Heavenwielding Seal by much. Thankfully, Old Devil Che hasn't arrived on the scene in person. Otherwise, even if I were to join forces with the palace master, it would still have been extremely difficult for us to match the enemy in power."

The bearded man's expression wavered slightly, but he still shook his head as he argued, "Is it really that powerful? Even so, it definitely won't be a simple matter for our enemies to break through the final few layers of restrictions we've set up. I feel like it would be a waste to retreat before we take advantage of that fact."

The beautiful woman's brows furrowed upon hearing this. She cast her gaze toward the faces of the people around her and said in a slow voice, "Don't forget that there are enemies who have already reached the city. If it weren't for Junior Martial Sister Bai and Junior Martial Sister Ye luring the Ice Phoenix into the Illusionary Light Formation to trap it, we most likely wouldn't even be here discussing this matter right now! That Ice Phoenix is a pureblood descendant of a heavenly spirit beast. It may only be a grade ten demon beast, but it possesses power almost comparable to that of a half-Deity Transformation cultivator; it's definitely not something that late-Nascent Soul human cultivators like us can compare with.

"Even with two elders controlling the formation spell in person, they won't be able to contain the beast for long. Under such circumstances, we should prepare for a retreat as early as possible. However, Elder Tong's suggestion is not entirely unfounded. How about this? We'll get the weaker disciples to hide in the Spirit Void Hall first; the more powerful disciples and I will use the final few layers of restrictions to deal the enemy a heavy blow. We'll kill as many demon beasts as possible, but do not engage in prolonged battles and retreat back to the Spirit Void Hall at the first sign of the restrictions being broken. Please remember that our main priority is to conserve our forces, not to eradicate demon beasts."

Everyone felt like this was a feasible course of action, so they all nodded in agreement with her suggestion.

Thus, they began to implement her plan as everyone left the palace

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