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The grey-robed monk's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this.

This sword formation was far more powerful than they had anticipated.

Han Li could see that his two opponents were stunned by the power of his sword formation, but never truly horrified, which made him rather wary as that suggested that they had trump cards with which they could use to turn the tables.

At this moment, both of them produced several other treasures in an attempt to keep the sword projection at bay.

Han Li's expression changed slightly and faint spiritual light suddenly flashed from the body of the humanoid puppet behind him, upon which it disappeared on the spot.

Moments later, the sword formation had converged to the extent that it was only just over 200 feet away from their two targets.

The old woman and monk had even been forced to detonate ancient treasures. As a result, they were able to temporarily halt the golden threads in their advance, but were still unable to stop them altogether.

A fearful expression finally appeared on the old woman's face. She turned toward the monk and urged, "We can't keep this up forever. I don't know what this sword formation is, but it definitely isn't going to be broken by any normal treasures. Hurry up and use that thing; it's the only thing that's powerful enough to destroy this formation!"

"That thing will naturally be able to destroy this sword formation, but what are we going to use against that Han brat later?" The grey-robed monk was still a little hesitant.

"We'll think about that later! We can only survive if we destroy this sword formation. Otherwise, once the sword formation converges completely, we'll be dead anyway and that thing will just go to waste!" the old woman urged again.

The monk's facial muscles spasmed slightly upon hearing that. He glanced at the approaching golden wires and finally gritted his teeth as he nodded.

He immediately patted his storage pouch, upon which a peculiar object appeared in his hand.

It was a fiery red ball that was about the size of a fist and it was rather murky, making it impossible for anyone to identify exactly what it was. Furthermore, there was a gold and silver talisman plastered to the ball, and the monk was holding it with a very careful and solemn expression.

The old woman was starting to panic at the sight of the converging golden threads, and she screeched, "We have to make haste, Fellow Daoist Mo Jiu! If the sword formation gets too close, we'll be harmed by this thing's power as well!"

The monk sighed and reached out to tear off the talisman on the red ball in preparation to use it.

However, right at this moment, a faint burst of silver light flashed behind the monk and a humanoid figure emerged from within. It moved in a completely soundless manner as if it were a ghostly wraith, and the monk was completely oblivious to its arrival.

However, the old woman standing across from him immediately caugh

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