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The three cultivators were thrown into a slight panic in the face of so many balls of lightning, and they were completely unable to pay any heed to the escaping Infant Carp Beast.

However, Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he swept his sleeve through the air in the demon beast's direction.

A flying sword that was around a foot in length shot forth from his sleeve, shuddering slightly before transforming into a streak of golden light over 100 feet long, which flew through the air.

The sword was so fast that the Infant Carp Beast only saw a flash of golden light, followed by a split second of excruciating pain, before it was unable to feel nor see anything ever again.

The golden light sped around the demon beast a few times and large clouds of blood mist erupted into the sky, slicing the beast into seven or eight pieces. Even its soul didn't have a chance to escape before it, too, was destroyed.

The segments of its body came plummeting down from above.

At this moment, Han Li reached out and feigned a grabbing motion.

One section of the demon beast's body suddenly exploded and a blue bead shot forth from within its flesh and blood, flying toward Han Li as a streak of blue light.

Han Li closed his five finger's and the Infant Carp Beast's demon core had already ended up in his hand.

He looked at the demon core in a nonchalant manner without any hint of emotion in his eyes.

A demon core of this caliber naturally wasn't going to catch his eyes.

Following the death of the demon beast, the balls of lightning frantically attacking the three cultivators also disappeared in the flash.

The three of them heaved a collective sigh of relief before turning to Han Li with awe and veneration in their eyes.

They were unable to chase down the Infant Carp Beast earlier, but they had clearly witnessed the scenes in which Han Li destroyed that sixth grade demon beast with ease.

It was not difficult to imagine their astonishment.

They had thought that at most, Han Li would only be a Core Formation cultivator who just so happened to be passing by, but who would have thought that he would be a Nascent Soul cultivator?

However, this place was already quite far into the outer seas. Cultivators of Han Li's caliber were still rare here, but three of them had encountered a few in the past, so they weren't overly flustered. Thus, the three cultivators hurriedly stowed away their treasures before drifting over to Han Li.

Before they had even reached the Han Li, the man in the conical bamboo hat extended a deep bow toward him.

"Chen Jing of the Azure Yang Sect pays his respects to Senior. Thank you for your assistance, Senior. We've been tangled up in a battle with this demon beast for a long time and it would've been very difficult for us to escape on our own. May I have the honor of knowing your name, Senior?" The man was surreptitiously sizing up Han Li as he spoke. His expression was qu

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