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This person was naturally none other than Han Li, who had appeared behind her using his lightning movement technique.

He used the humanoid puppet to draw Bai Mengxin's attention while he approached his opponent.

However, Bai Mengxin had been on high alert for a surprise attack from Han Li this entire time and as soon as he appeared behind her, she was able to react as she gripped the air toward him without even turning around.

A massive, glittering and translucent crystalline hand immediately appeared outside the ice mountain before closing in on Han Li.

She wasn't naive enough to believe that this attack would actually be able to defeat her enemy; she was merely using it to slow down Han Li and buy time for herself.

However, Han Li paid the massive hand no heed at all. He whipped out his sleeves expressionlessly, and a projectile shot forth from within, slicing the hand in half in the blink of an eye.

Han Li was able to crash into the ice mountain without any delay as the purple flames all over his body abruptly multiplied in quantity.

An incredible scene ensued!

Han Li's body only faltered slightly before passing through the ice mountain as if there were nothing there. His body flashed through the air a few time and he was able to somehow pass through the ice mountain, appearing right before Bai Mengxin and Master Artic Dragon.

During his blitzkrieg assault, he had left a hole in the ice that was roughly 10 feet in diameter.

It appeared that even though the Purple Apex Flames had never been refined, it was still vastly more powerful than Bai Mengxin's glacial flames and it allowed him to bypass her defenses with ease.

All of a sudden, he had appeared right in front of the spherical barrier of silver threads.

An urgent expression appeared on Bai Mengxin's face as she made a hand seal while yelling the word "withdraw"!

Brilliant light erupted from the barrier of threads as all of its constituent threads contracted toward the center, forming a massive silver ball without any openings in front of Han Li.

Han Li was slightly taken aback upon seeing this, but he then chuckled coldly as three-colored light radiated from his hand. He twirled his feather fan, which then expanded at a drastic rate, transforming into a massive fan over 10 feet in size. At the same time, he swatted the fan gently through the air toward the silver ball.

A pillar of three-colored flames came hurtling forth amid a spluttering sound. Golden, silver, and red symbols were intermingled and flashed within the flames as they struck the silver ball.

Han Li didn't know what kind of treasure this silver ball was but in the face of the spirit treasure replica that was the Triflame Fan, it emitted a loud ringing sound as well as a dazzling silver light that crashed into the three-colored flames, managing to temporarily keep them at bay.

It was immediately apparent that the silver ball was struggling to cope with the t

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