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The blue-robed man's actions seemed to have acted as a signal, prompting all of the other Nascent Soul cultivators to unleash incredible secret techniques. Some of them disappeared on the spot amid bursts of white light, some of them threw up mouthfuls of blood essence and fled into the distance as streaks of crimson light; in any case, all of them were fleeing with all their might, even if doing so necessitated the infliction of severe self-harm.

"Hmph!" A cold harrumph rang out in the air as a frosty look appeared on the Golden Wyrm King's face. It waved a hand and a loud thunderclap erupted, following which a streak of golden and silver light shot forth through the air.

The demon beast had hurled its golden spear directly toward the blue-robed man.

As soon as the spear left its hand, it disappeared in the flash.


The blue-robed man was paying close attention to the Golden Wyrm King, and his heart shuddered upon seeing this as he immediately tossed his azure mirror behind him.

Azure light erupted, creating the projection of a full moon that was several tens of feet in diameter. The moon projection was azure in color and encapsulated the blue-robed man's body within.

Almost at the exact same moment as the moon projection's emergence, a golden spear that was over 100 feet in length appeared nearby. Silver lightning flashed along the spear before striking the very center of the azure moon.

The surface of the azure moon cracked like a mirror and as the huge spear continued onward, the moon projection was completely destroyed.

"Argh!" The blue-robed man was extremely alarmed to see this, and the purple light on his body swayed as he attempted to unleash a secret technique to get away.

However, right at this instant, the huge spear shrank to about half its size and shot forth from within the remnants of the moon projection before striking the purple light in the flash.

A resounding boom erupted.

The handkerchief was quite a powerful treasure in its own right, as evidenced by the fact that the purple light it was manifesting was able to keep the spear at bay. Even so, the blue-robed man felt as if he had been dealt a heavy blow, and was completely unable to control his own body as he was sent flying for several tens of feet.

The Golden Wyrm King raised a leg and somehow managed to cover a distance of over 100 feet with a single step. Its body only had to flash through the air a few times before it caught up to the blue-robed man before reaching out with its hand.

Golden light shimmered over its five fingers, making it appear as if they were constructed from pure gold.

The blue-robed man had only just recovered slightly from the last attack when he caught sight of the Golden Wyrm King reaching for him from nearby. In his panic, he hurriedly opened his mouth to blast out a ball of green light. It was a green fist-sized bead.

The golden claws clashed with the green bead amid a loud

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