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Han Li was naturally unwilling to be enshrouded under the Myriad Demon Flag. As such, he immediately pointed a finger toward the five devils while chanting to activate his devil control arts.

The five devils rose into the sky and as silver light flashed, the five skeletons combined to form a single massive skeleton over 300 feet tall.

Green light then flashed within the skeleton's eye sockets as it reached out with its bony hands. Two of its ribs also flew out from its body and instantly transformed into two bone blades each over 100 feet in length. It then tilted its head back and let loose an almighty roar before grabbing the two rib-bone blades and violently slashing them through the air.

A cross-shaped blade of radiance swept through the air, shimmering with astonishing glacial light as it hurtled toward the massive flag upon above. In the process, it sliced through all of the silver light descending from above before striking the Myriad Demon Flag.

An earthshattering boom erupted as demonic Qi and glacial light intertwined with one another.

The massive skeleton then abruptly rose into the air and slashed its twin sabers wildly through the air. A series of crescent-shaped streaks of glacial light were unleashed as it attempted to destroy the massive flag in one fell swoop.

Old Devil Che's enraged roar rang out from within the Myriad Demon Flag as the falt instantly began to shrink, reducing itself to only around a foot in size in the blink of an eye.

The small child emerged in a flash before grabbing onto the flag. His body then swayed as he instantly teleported several hundred feet away.

At its massive size, the Myriad Demon Flag was very cumbersome to move around and also presented a huge target for the giant skeleton's twin blades. Old Devil Che as clearly also aware of this, so he decided to revert the flag back to its original size.

Upon seeing this, the massive white skeleton also began to shrink amid a cloud of grey-white devil Qi. In the end, it shrank down to only around 20 feet tall before letting loose an unsettling screech. Grey-white devil Qi came spilling out of its mouth as it wielded the minimized bone blades, rushing directly toward the small child.

The Unbroken Cinque Devils were proving to be quite a headache for the small child as well.

Due to the special refinement method used to create the five devils, they were immune to the restrictive effect of the Myriad Demon Flag. Furthermore, unless he had a specialized devil-taming treasure or if he could kill their owner, the five devils were almost unkillable No matter how many times they were shattered or destroyed, they would simply be able to respawn again.

The Myriad Demon Flag was an extremely powerful treasure, but only when applied to human cultivators. In the face of these powerful devils, it really wasn't very effective at all. Even if he could take care of these devils through his own power, it would definitely require

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