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The monk suddenly raised his hand as he spoke and a ball of blue light came hurtling toward Han Li.

It was none other than that Celestial Blue Cauldron.

"Mo Jiu, what are you doing?" Master Arctic Dragon roared with rage.

Han Li didn't know why the monk would decide to help him, but he certainly wasn't going to refuse a treasure being offered up to him.

Thus, he waved his sleeve through the air and a green light swept forth as he attempted to stow the cauldron away into his sleeve.

Master Arctic Dragon's face darkened upon seeing this and he immediately made a hand seal before abruptly pointing a finger at the miniature cauldron.

A spluttering sound erupted as the cauldron faltered in mid-air, immediately following which its lid flew off as turbulent blue flames erupted from within. Those flames then enveloped the cauldron and forced it to change direction, guiding it toward Master Arctic Dragon.

"So you really did mess with this cauldron already!" the monk exclaimed in a cold voice. He was already prepared for this situation and he reached out with a hand, feigning a grabbing motion. A green hand of light immediately appeared above the cauldron before descending in an attempt to grasp at the cauldron!

Golden light erupted from Master Arctic Dragon's eyes as he roared, "Break!"

A loud rumbling sound then erupted as the back of the huge green hand warped and twisted. An ancient rune that was flashing with golden light appeared from thin air before exploding with a resounding boom. Scintillating golden light erupted with devastating power, reducing the hand to nothingness.

"The Righteous Song Mantra! You cultivating in Buddhist arts?" the monk exclaimed.

Master Arctic Dragon completely ignored him as he continued to draw the cauldron toward himself.

Right at this moment, a series of green threads shot forth from nearby. Green light flashed as the threads wound themselves around the cauldron, dragging it toward Han Li before anyone had a chance to react.

Master Arctic Dragon stirred upon seeing this and he immediately made a hand seal as he uttered the word "break" once again.

Several golden runes exploded upon the green threads in quick succession amid a string of deafening booms. However, the green threads were only scattered slightly before reverting back to their original formation, and continued dragging the cauldron away.

Meanwhile, Han Li produced a small cauldron that was only several inches in size. Runes were hovering around the cauldron and it bore a strong resemblance toward the Celestial Blue Cauldron. Those green threads were shooting forth from none other than that cauldron.

"The Heavenvoid Cauldron!" Master Arctic Dragon murmured upon seeing that.

As the Celestial Blue Cauldron was dragged toward him, he tapped the Heavenvoid Cauldron to produce a light ringing sound, following which the green threads originating from the cauldron completely encapsulated the Celest

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