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He spread open his fingers and a golden lightning wyrm shot forth from his arm, clashing directly with the oncoming black python.

"Divine Devilbane Lightning!"

Zenith Yin's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this. He immediately tried to make another hand seal, but it was already too late.

The golden wyrm threw itself at the black python, creating a resounding boom.

Golden light flashed and the black python's body was enshrouded by countless arcs of golden lightning before being reduced to nothingness in the blink of an eye.

The Divine Devilbane Lightning's efficacy against devilish Qi was no joke.

A hint of rage appeared on Zenith Yin's face as he patted the storage pouch hanging from his waist.

A loud cry erupted as a streak of crimson light around a foot in length shot forth from the storage pouch. It flashed through the air before arriving directly above Han Li's head, where it transformed into a long crimson saber and came crashing downward.

Before the saber had even begun its descent, the pungent odor of blood and gore came rushing toward Han Li first.

Han Li's expression darkened as he tilted his head back and abruptly opened his mouth, sending a small golden sword flying upward.

A loud clang rang out as golden and crimson light became interwoven with one another. The crimson saber then let loose a cry of anguish before being sliced in half by the golden flying sword, following which its two halves came plummeting straight down toward the ground. "Impossible!"

Zenith Yin's expression changed drastically upon seeing this and the ecstasy that was clouding his judgment was immediately dispelled.

Within the stone chamber, the restriction on one's spiritual sense didn't have any effect, so he immediately sent his spiritual sense sweeping toward Han Li.

In Han Li's eyes, Zenith Yin was already a dead man, so there was no need for him to hide his cultivation base. As such, he circulated his magic power with reckless abandon throughout his body.

After detecting Han Li's cultivation base, a series of spectacular expressions flashed through Zenith Yin's face.

He initially faltered before a confused look appeared on his face, followed by incredulity and a hint of horror. When he used his spiritual sense to verify Han Li's cultivation base again, his face immediately turned deathly pale.

"You've already reached the late-Nascent Soul Stage?"

Zenith Yin spat through gritted teeth as his entire body instantly became drenched in cold sweat!

Han Li began to recall events of the past and intense killing intent welled up in his heart as he said in a cold voice, "Hmph, what good will that knowledge do you? It's actually better to die as a fool. Seeing as you pursued me relentlessly to try and take my Heavenvoid Cauldron, it's only fitting that I kill you with this cauldron."

He then opened his mouth and a ball of azure light shot forth, spinning on the spot before revealing itself

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