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Han Li's outburst gave Wen Siyue and her Dao Companion a massive fright. Before they had a chance to inquire about the situation, a burst of light suddenly flashed from Han Li's fingertip as he tapped it toward the red birthmark on the young woman's palm.

A small ball of azure light then immediately disappeared into her palm.

Wen Siyue and her Dao Companion had no idea what was going on, but they didn't dare to disrupt what Han Li was doing.

An incredible scene then ensued.

After the azure light disappeared, the red birthmark became even more vibrant in color before beginning to elongate. Gradually, it transformed into a crimson dragon pattern that surfaced on the center of her palm. The dragon was extremely vivid and life-like, as if it were an actual living creature.

"I knew it!" Han Li murmured to himself. He turned to appraise Tian Qin'er again, and his expression became even more peculiar.

Wen Siyue's heart immediately clenched up with concern upon seeing this, and she asked, "Senior Han, is my daughter..."

Han Li exhaled, and asked, "It's alright, I've discovered why your daughter's condition is so strange. I heard from your conversation earlier than she was bitten by an unknown venomous insect before falling ill, right?"

Wen Siyue's heart stirred, and she hurriedly replied, "That's right, our daughter was indeed afflicted by a venomous insect. However, we managed to get the insect to bite us as well, and its venom was indeed rather difficult to eradicate, but definitely not as difficult as in our daughter's case."

Han Li pointed at the red dragon pattern on the center of the young woman's palm, and said, "Hehe, that's only natural. The venom is only a red herring, leading you to believe that it's the root cause for your daughter's condition when in reality, the thing that's actually posing a threat to her life is her Dragon Cry Physique! She's a female cultivator with a special physique unique to men. Furthermore, the insect most likely possessed extremely potent Yang-type venom as well, and the combination of those two factors culminated in her current condition! The venom is merely a catalyst; even without it, her vitality will gradually fade and she won't live past 40."

"Dragon Cry Physique? That's impossible! My Dao Companion and I checked our daughter thoroughly after she was born, and we didn't discover any abnormalities within her body." Wen Siyue's face immediately turned extremely pale.

"Her Dragon Cry Physique is very rare, and it's a type of recessive physique. Unless an external catalyst is introduced or it begins to take effect on its own, it's very difficult to detect. Those with such a physique would be able to progress quickly in their cultivation, but as their rate of progression increases, the Yin and Yang energies within their bodies will be thrown into imbalance. In the end, they'll inevitably perish before reaching the Foundation Establishment Stage," Han Li replied calmly.

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