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He felt as if he had some recollection of that formation flag. He seemed to have possessed a treasure like this once upon a time, but had since given it to someone else. However, that wasn't a cause for alarm. For low-grade treasures like this, as long as one had mastered the refinement method, refining an identical one would be an easy task.

Even so, Han Li had still developed an interest in that Core Formation Stage woman. Their group had seemingly disappeared into thin air, but such a mediocre concealment technique was completely useless in the face of Han Li's spiritual sense.

Thus, a blue light flashed through his eyes, immediately piercing through the layer of grey Qi obscuring the woman's face.

"Huh? That's..." A peculiar expression instantly appeared on Han Li's face.

Right at this moment, two streaks of light, one azure and one yellow, shot forth from the Starry Sky Palace. A certain restriction seemed to have been triggered and the sound of footsteps erupted from behind the palace doors, following which a white-robed cultivator slowly emerged from within.

This was a tall and thin man who appeared to be over 40 years of age. He wore a slightly dark expression on his face and was a Core Formation cultivator.

This man was clearly the Star Palace cultivator tasked with guarding this palace. He emerged from the palace and looked around, only to discover that there was no one in the general vicinity. Upon making this discovery, his expression darkened further with a hint of displeasure on his face.

Yellow light flashed and that Core Formation Stage man from earlier voluntarily showed himself. The grey Qi over his face also faded, revealing a set of graceful and refined middle-aged features.

The man cupped his fist in a salute as he asked in a respectful voice, "Brother Zhang, have there been any mishaps? Will my wife and I be able to teleport away tonight?"

"Fellow Daoist Tian, as long as you have enough spirit stones with you, teleporting your group away is naturally just a piece of cake. All of the guardians of the teleportation formation have done the same thing at some point; are you worried that I would go back on my word and refuse to grant you access to the teleportation formation?" The Star Palace cultivator's expression eased after the man appeared, but he still spoke in a rather cold and impolite tone.

"Of course not; I have absolute trust in you, Brother Zhang. It's just that my daughter really has fallen seriously ill and we have to head out to the outer seas to find the White Yang Demon Fish's demon core to save her life. The situation is extremely urgent and we can't afford to be delayed," the graceful man said with a smile. He then waved his hand toward a certain direction behind him.

A spluttering sound was heard, following which a ball of yellow mist dissipated, revealing the remaining members of the group. The Foundation Establishment cultivators had all revealed their faces, lea

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