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A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face as he looked at the silver Fire Raven, and he murmured to himself, "Should I call you Shi Yan or should I call you the Greatyin True Flame? You've already absorbed the Puresun Flame Essence, and now, you've devoured the soul of that Spirit Tribe cultivator named Shi Yao. So be it, I'll call you the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flame. I'm lucky I converted all of my Purple Apex Flames into Greatyin True Flames while I was still in the human world. Otherwise, I would've been in a lot of trouble there."

It turned out that after Shi Yan had infiltrated Han Li's body, he was unable to devour Han Li's spiritual sense. Instead, as soon as he entered Han Li's body, the massive influx of fire spiritual power immediately awakened the Greatyin True Flame, which had temporarily gone dormant within Han Li's body due to the lack of magic power.

The flame possessed the ability to devour all things, so it immediately engaged Shi Yan in battle within Han Li's body without even necessitating an instruction from Han Li himself.

If it was just this Fire Raven alone, then it naturally wouldn't be a match for Shi Yan, who was comparable in power to a Deity Transformation cultivator.

Unfortunately for Shi Yan, Han Li was also a Deity Transformation cultivator. On top of that, he had cultivated the Great Development Technique, which made his spiritual sense even more powerful than the average mid-Deity Transformation cultivator.

As such, Shi Yan naturally stood no chance after entering Han Li's body.

Just as Shi Yan was engaged in a fierce battle with the Greatyin Fire Raven, Han Li unleashed his spiritual sense to forcibly bind Shi Yan's spiritual sense, thereby allowing the Greatyin Fire Raven to devour him alive. Even the crimson bead treasure that was his true body had been absorbed into the Greatyin Fire Raven.

This was engulfment in every sense of the world. Not only had his soul been absorbed, even his memories had been completely taken by the Fire Raven, thereby allowing it to become the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flame that it currently was.

As such, Han Li was able to use the Fire Raven to imitate Shi Yan's aura and voice to perfection after the Spirit General's soul was devoured.

Of course, through absorbing Shi Yan's memories, Han Li also learned about the Spirit Tribe's objective for coming to the Setting Sun tomb, as well as the existence of that Spirit Tribe traitor and the drop of divine blood.

He was ecstatic upon making this discovery.

He couldn't care less about that Spirit Tribe traitor, but the so-called Spirit Tribe divine blood was something that he was very interested in.

This blood was a type of mysterious liquid that would be produced by the soul of a Holy Spirit level Spirit Tribe cultivator following death by natural causes.

If the blood were to be dripped onto any sentient object, the latter would develop intelligence and evolve to become a low-grade

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