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"Brother Han, you've only mastered the third layer of the Vajra Arts, right?" Zhang Kui suddenly asked.

"Why do you ask, Brother Zhang?" Han Li answered his question with one of his own.

"Well, it's just that I don't think a normal body refinement warrior who has mastered the third layer of the Vajra Arts can force a demonic wolf into retreat. Looks like you truly are destined for great things, Brother Han!" Zhang Kui gave Han Li a final meaningful look before departing.

Han Li looked on at his departing figure, and stroked his chin as a faint smile appeared on his face.

Zhang Kui was clearly implying something with his words. Not long after this, a large group of An Yuan City soldiers was led by a low-level military official as they scaled the city wall. The members of the Heavenly East Enterprise were finally relieved of their duties.

However, they naturally couldn't return to the inn. Instead, they were organized to stay in a cluster of stone cabins near the plaza where they had gathered several days ago.

Almost everyone fell asleep as soon as they entered the cabins. Han Li wasn't tired at all, but he still stayed in his cabin and meditated on his bed.

A tranquil and uneventful night passed by.

The next morning, thunderous beastly roars erupted in the distance once again. Not long after that, the second day of battle commenced on the city walls.

This battle seemed to be even more fierce than the one that had taken place the day before, raging from early morning all the way into the night. Groups of backup soldiers were summoned out of the stone cabins one after the other, then hurriedly dragged onto the city walls to provide reinforcements. Within the span of a single day, three or four groups had been taken from the area of the plaza that Han Li was situated in alone.

The beast hordes only retreated when night fell once again.

When Han Li emerged from his stone chamber that night, he was greeted by the sight of the soldiers who had just been relieved of their duties and were returning to the plaza.

It appeared that around 70% to 80% of all of the troops deployed had been killed in battle, and the small proportion that remained were all covered in blood. Most of them were carrying injuries, and some were even missing limbs.

They were in a much more sorry state than Han Li's group from the day before.

By this point, many other people had also made their way out of the nearby stone chambers, and they were also stunned by what they saw. Some of them immediately began to enquire about what had taken place during the battle earlier today, and only then were they informed that a type of small wolves that resembled leopard cats had appeared among the wolf pack attacking the city today.

Not only were they extremely nimble and agile, they were capable of blasting their fur through the air like porcupine quills. These strands of fur were infused with lethal poison, and one would quickly lose

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