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Han Li was only at the early-Deity Transformation Stage, and he had been feigning weakness this entire time, so his words naturally came as quite a surprise to everyone.

Even the perpetually expressionless purple-robed man turned to Han Li with a hint of surprise on his face.

A cold light flashed through the eyes of the man with the sharp eyebrows.

"You're a brave one! It's been several hundred years since I've met someone who dared to talk to me like this despite having an inferior cultivation base. In that case, we won't have to hold back in the battle for the Spirit Land in three days," the man said in a menacing voice.

"I'll be sure to take everything you throw at me when the time comes. I'll be taking my leave now." In response, Han Li gave a nonchalant reply before extended a slight bow toward the purple-robed man and departing from the second floor.

The man with the sharp brows looked on at Han Li's departing figure with a dark expression.


Not long after that, the fatso and the man with sharp brows appeared in the air high above the Heavenly Jade Pavilion, and the two of them were discussing something through voice transmission.

"Brother Xian, what use do you have for that Spirit Land that you're fighting for? You couldn't disclose this information in there, but you can tell me now, right?" the fatso asked with a benevolent smile.

"I spoke the truth earlier; it is indeed to cultivate a type of secret technique that necessitates a switch of cave abodes. Otherwise, why would I go out of my way to find someplace with such sparse spiritual Qi?" the man with sharp brows replied with a faint sigh.

The fatso chuckled with a disbelieving expression.

The man with sharp brows was quite resigned to see this, and he put on an expression that said "I can't do anything if you don't believe me".

"So be it. Regardless of what objective you have, there must be some circumstances involved that make you unwilling to disclose your goals. Are you really planning not to hold back in the battle against that Han brat?" The fatso suddenly changed the subject.

"Why do you ask? Could it be that you have some ties with him, Fellow Daoist Jin?" The man with sharp brows was rather displeased to hear this question.

"How could I share any ties with him? I just wanted to tell you that he's a cultivator who's only recently ascended to Deep Heaven City," the fatso cautioned.

"A recently ascended cultivator? So what? A new cultivator will ascend to our Deep Heaven City once every two or three years. Do you think I'll lose to an early-Deity Transformation cultivator, Brother Jin? I was wondering why this man dared to be so arrogant; he must've dominated whatever lower realm he came from, and he's taken that cocky demeanor all the way here to the Spirit Realm." The man with sharp brows gave a cold chuckle in response.

"Haha, this man's cultivation base is naturally not noteworthy at all. With your powers, ev

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