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At that moment, Han Li was now at a small mountain over a thousand kilometers away. He had a vastly changed appearance on his face. He was a shorter middle-aged man with long facial hair.

His body completely lacked spiritual Qi as he now appeared to be a run of the mill body refiner. He was meditating on a bolder with an expressionless face.

A while later, Han Li opened his eyes and wore a faint smile. He muttered, “The last thread of spirit flames in my body has been extinguished. Unless they personally examine me, they wouldn’t be able to recognize them.”

Even so, Han Li made no attempt to leave.

Even with his appearance and aura altered, Han Li had no desire to risk any danger.

From then on, he leaped off the bolder and jumped several times, skirting off the mountain.

Not long after, he found himself in front of a cliff covered in dense vines and shrubs.

Han Li swept his gaze around him and nodded with a satisfied smile. Then he took a deep breath and began to pound against the cliff with fists shining in golden light.

Huge rumbles sounded out and a ten-meter-deep cave appeared.

His figure blurred as he strangely shifted into it.

Then inside the cave, he struck above him, instantly covering the entrance in a pile of rubble and sealing it.

The cave immediately became pitch black.

He didn’t mind this in the slightest and summoned a prepared moonlight stone into his hand with a flip of his palm.

He grabbed the stone and slapped it at the top of the cave. With immense force, the moonlight stone easily embedded itself.

Under the faint crystalline light, the stone cave became clear.

Han Li looked for a clean area to sit down. Light flashed from his spirit ring and he fetched a small crimson vial from his storage bracelet. He examined it with curious eyes.

Apart from a continuous red glow, the vial appeared quite ordinary. It had a common glossy surface like porcelain.

As he stroked the vial with his finger, he inwardly muttered and began to think of the spirit Shi Yan’s memories relating to Divine Blood.

A long while later, he frowned and he took out a palm-sized jade alms bowl. He then opened the vial and tilted it over the bowl.

A purple light flowed out from the vial, slowly dripping a deep purple liquid into the alms bowl. It appeared unable to mix into the bowl.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and closely examined it for a long while before extending his finger to touch the liquid. As a result, the purple liquid seemed to jump up of its own accord and wrap around his finger as if it wanted to enter.

However, Han Li raised his brow and golden light flashed from his flesh, stopping the purple drop in its tracks. Then with a flick, he dropped the liquid back into the bowl.

“Not bad. It really is the Spirit Tribe’s Divine Blood.” A trace of interest lit up in Han Li’s eyes.

Afterwards, he put the purple liquid back into the vial and carefully placed it back into

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