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The purple-robed man put on a benevolent expression at the sight of Han Li, and said, "So you're Han Li. I must thank you for saving my precious Dai'er. If you'd like any reward, feel free to state it, and I'll do my best to satisfy you."

At this moment, Dai'er was with him, as well as several of his body refinement warrior subordinates. They were all standing at the entrance to the encampment, seemingly as if they were preparing for a long journey.

Dai'er held onto the purple-robed man tightly with one of her small hands while she stared intently at Han Li. Even though she hadn't said anything, the expression on her little face seemed to be a little off somehow.

"I have no intention of asking for a reward. I merely happened to stumble upon your granddaughter, and anyone in my place would've done the same thing," Han Li replied in an indifferent voice.

"Hehe, I'm not a man who's used to owing people favors. How about this? I heard that you've mastered the third layer of the Vajra Arts; a friend of my forefathers also just so happens to be using the same cultivation art, and he's already mastered the sixth layer. I have something of his from many years ago you can take this item and seek out his descendants. Perhaps they'll be able to provide you with some useful cultivation insights." The purple-robed man laughed heartily before handing a seemingly nondescript short sword over to Han Li. His lips then twitched as he communicated a location and the name of a certain person to Han Li through voice transmission.

Seeing as this could potentially benefit his cultivation of the Vajra Arts, Han Li accepted the short sword after only a brief hesitation.

As such, City Lord Zhao bade farewell to Mistress Fang and everyone else before climbing onto a giant wolf steed with Dai'er.

However, right at this moment, the seemingly tame wolf suddenly reared up, springing to an altitude of over several tens of feet up into the air, as if it had been frightened by something.

The purple-robed man was slightly startled by this sudden development, but he clenched his legs tightly against the sides of the wolf, and faint black light flashed, following which the giant wolf became tame and docile again.

Everyone else was also rather surprised to see this, but no one paid it much heed.

After all, these giant wolf steeds were feral creatures by nature, so it wasn't uncommon to see them thrown tantrums from time to time. Instead, all of them were extending words of admiration toward City Lord Zhao at his ability to control the wolf with just a clamp of his legs.

However, Han Li's expression changed minutely right when the black light flashed between the purple-robed man's legs, but he quickly composed himself again.

As the purple-robed man rode off into the distance, everyone else began to disperse. Only Han Li remained standing on the spot for a long time with a grim and indecisive look on his face.

"There's no mistaking

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