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Han Li suddenly reached for his storage bracelet, and a nondescript-looking leather bag appeared in his hand.

He tipped the bag over, and a small green vial came tumbling out into his grasp.

It was none other than that mysterious little vial.

Han Li held the vial in one hand and the Profound Heavenly Fruit in the other as he inspected the two side by side through narrowed eyes.

The two items were different both in shape and mass, but the dark green patterns on their surfaces really did bear a strong resemblance.

Could it be that the two objects were connected somehow? Could it be that the mysterious little vial was refined from a Profound Heavenly Fruit?

Han Li's heart rate began to accelerate as he considered the small vial's incredible abilities.

The more the thought about it, the plausible this notion seemed.

The small vial was made from a different material compared to the Profound Heavenly Fruit, but it was also a material that he had yet to decipher the origins of.

He inspected the objects in his hands before exhaling as he cast his gaze toward the small vial.

All of a sudden, he placed the Profound Heavenly Fruit on the ground before removing the lid off the mysterious little vial.

A drop of green liquid dripped soundlessly onto the fruit.

The scenes that followed struck Han Li with a sense of elation.

Azure light flashed from the drop of liquid before it disappeared into the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

Brilliant blue light erupted from Han Li's eyes again as he gleaned the internal situation within the fruit.

As soon as the drop of green liquid disappeared into the fruit, it immediately fused with the speck of white light at its center. A few moments later, the feeble speck of white light expanded slightly.

Han Li's heart stirred upon seeing this, but there were no further changes to the white light following further observation, and the blue light in Han Li's gradually faded.

He lowered his head with a contemplative expression as he considered what he'd just seen. It appeared that only the mysterious green liquid in the small vial had any effect on the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

He didn't know what purpose that speck of white light could serve, but it appeared that the only way to find out was to continue feeding the green liquid to the fruit.

After thinking to himself for a long while, Han Li carefully stowed away both the small vial and the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

He was going to infuse the green liquid into the fruit at regular intervals.

Unbeknownst to Han Li, in the same instant that the green liquid disappeared into the white light within the Profound Heavenly Fruit, something was happening in the Heavenly Spirit Region of the three human regions, which was countless kilometers away from Deep Heaven City. At the center of a small island that was hovering tens of thousands of kilometers in the air, golden light suddenly erupted from a translucent jade

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