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“A Savage Beastman! Quickly kill him! We cannot allow him to join with the beast.” When they saw this strange person, Daoist Priest Man shouted in terror.

When the others heard this, they were aghast.

Without another thought, they released rarely seen ancient treasures in streaks of light.

In a moment, the beastman and the ancient beast was pelted by attacks.

Han Li saw that his subordinates were truly fearful of this foreign tribe.

To the confusion of the cultivators in the squad, Han Li still hadn’t taken action. As the beastman was on the verge of transformation, he continued to float in the air with his hands behind the back, leaving the fight completely to them.

As the cultivators felt somewhat stressed, the beastman suddenly counterattacked, blocking them from asking Han Li.

The beastman let out a strange laugh and its shoulder blurred, creating a yellow tornado in the direction of the cultivators. As for the ancient beast, its body began to turn exceptionally green, soon extended its tentacles.

They spread out in green blurs, striking at the air along with the tornado.

Regardless of the magic treasures’ attacks, be they lightning, flame, or swordlight, they were all swept into the tornado and disappeared. And when they were struck by the tentacles, they were repelled.

The cultivators acted in a panic, unable to cope with what was happening.

As Han Li looked on without lifting a finger, no one noticed the small silver fish in the pond had begun to form two orbs. They sparkled with silver light as if it in the form of silver eyes.

Meanwhile, the calm surface of the water began to violently stir, exposing a transparent ten-meter-large mouth. It had crystalline ice-like fangs.

The pond had turned into a monster with a transparent body.

At that moment the huge transparent monster stirred and pounced at Han Li in midair.

Not only was it transparent, but its movements were silent as if it were formless.

Han Li silently looked at the battle that was unfolding between the beastman as if he hadn’t noticed himself being attacked.

Just as the transparent beast was ten meters away from Han Li, its silver eyes flashed and it bared its fangs at Han Li.

Grey light flashed from Han Li’s back, and countless thin lines of Divine Essencefused Light directly shot at it.

Alarmed, the huge beast thought to dodge, but it was too late!

With the sound of pattering rain, the grey lines pierced through the huge beast’s body and twisted, firmly wrapped around the beast’s body.

Han Li’s body then blurred, turning to the huge beast. With a brief glance, he opened his mouth and spat out a small black mountain.

It twirled in the air, surging several times in size until it was a three-hundred-meter tall mountain above the transparent beast.

The beast knew things were far from good and it promptly shook its body violently in an attempt to escape.

Unfortunately, it was a water-a

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