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“Oh, its nothing much. I just cultivated a bit of lightning, so I am curious about this item.” Han Li fiddled with the lightning branch and calmly asked, “What did you plan on trading this for?”

When the old man heard that Han Li thought about purchasing it, the old man was startled and gave Han Li an appraising glance. He hoarsely said, “I have yet to find a true use for the lightning wood, so its price is hard to estimate, but it is lightning turned wood. How about this? Recently, I’ve wanted to refine a Sky Essence Pill, but I’m missing a five-thousand-year-old medicine herb. If you can give it to me, the wood is yours. Of course, I won’t refuse top-grade spirit stones if you have them.”

“How did you know I have medicine herbs?” Han Li’s heart trembled and his expression behind the white mist sank.

“There is no need to be shocked,” The old man softly said, “I’ve cultivated a minor ability that grants me an extraordinary scent of smell. During your trade with the demon woman, I caught a whiff of a medicinal scent coming from that wooden box. It belonged to a three-thousand-year-old medicinal herb. If you can easily take that out, then it is likely you can bring out a five-thousand-year-old medicine herb.”

Han Li was left speechless.

He heard Buddhist sects’ grand techniques were able to strengthen a cultivator’s five senses. Legend mentioned myriad distant sight, flawless hearing, penetrative sights like his Brightsight Spirit Eyes. From what he said, his abilities must’ve reached an inconceivable realm mentioned only in rumors.

Having realized this, Han Li’s expression relaxed and he slowly said, “That is so. Since you’ve pointed it out, I do have such a medicine herb. Take a look and see if it’s suitable.”

Han Li had no intention of bargaining. He raised his hand and white light flashed. He tossed a narrow wooden box over to him.

The old man was surprised. He didn’t think that Han Li would truly agree to his condition. He happily took the box and took a quick glance at its interior before covering it back up.

“Not bad, a genuine five-thousand-year-old spirit herb. I can use it.” The old man happily said.

Han Li smiled and his hand blurred, putting away the branch. Then he saluted him and silently departed.

In front of old cunning foxes, the less said the better.

After he left the hall, he took another trip through the market, but with his spirit treasures and countless medicine herbs, there was little that could temp him. Several hours later, he returned to the huge stone pagoda.

When he walked in his squad’s seclusion room, Han Li waved his hand, striking at the door with a spell seal. He didn’t wish to be disturbed.

But Han Li still wasn’t at ease. He raised his hand and released several differently-colored streaks of light that disappeared into corners of the room.

His two hands formed a spell seal and a white barrier of light appeared on the walls, thoroughly protecting him fro

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