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As soon as the black bell was hurled into the air, it released a string of crisp chimes.

Han Li was suddenly struck by the feeling that a massive boom had erupted within his spiritual sense, following which his body spasmed as if he'd been electrocuted, and he almost plummeted from the sky.

Han Li was naturally shocked by this development, and his Great Development Technique activated of its own accord to send a stream of coolness circulating through his mind.

His face had paled significantly, but his body was finally back to normal.

"That's also a spirit treasure! There's no way that a normal treasure could possess such power!" A hint of wariness flashed through Han Li's heart as he reflexively retaliated.

He made a hand seal, and his spiritual sense converged into a ball in his mind before being expelled toward his opponent.

Meanwhile, Han Li's opponent was even more shocked than he was to see Han Li recover so easily from the effects of the Thousand Soul Bell.

Even though this attack wasn't the bell's most powerful ability, it was very difficult for opponents of a lesser cultivation base to withstand such an attack.

He gritted his teeth, and just as he was about to pour forth even more magic power into the bell, a burst of acute pain suddenly tore through his spiritual sense, as if a sharp spike had been forcibly stabbed into his brain.

Unfortunately for him, his spiritual sense wasn't as powerful as Han Li's. As such, he was quite susceptible to Han Li's Spirit Stun Thorn attack, causing him to let loose a howl of pain as he threw his hands over his head, while his body completely curled up into a ball.

His Nascent Soul also instantly disappeared into his body.

In an instant, he had lost control over the Thousand Soul Bell in the air.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and he completely ignored the oncoming giant puppet as he pointed a finger toward the massive golden lotus flower in the distance.

The massive lotus flower immediately rotated rapidly as it came crashing down from above, encapsulating the black bell in a burst of golden light.

Just as the golden lotus flower enshrouded the Thousand Soul Bell, the green puppet had swelled to around 60 to 70 feet in size, raising a massive fist before swinging it violently toward Han Li.

A loud thump erupted as the puppet's punch was kept at bay by the Heavenvoid Cauldron. However, the cauldron tremored violently as it shrank down to around half its size. This puppet possessed extraordinary strength!

Meanwhile, a burst of ghastly howls rang out from within the massive golden lotus flower. A giant bell projection around 10 feet in size appeared at the center of the golden lotus flower, warding off all of the flower's sharp golden petals.

At the same time, wisps of black threads emerged from within the black bell, binding the golden lotus flower, forcibly slowing down its rotation.

Han Li was rather

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