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Just as the first wolf beast was about to be steamrolled by Du Xiao's huge mace, an incredible turn of events suddenly unfolded.

A burst of faint azure light suddenly radiated from that wolf beast's body, following which it shrank down to the same size as a normal azure wolf.

As such, the mace merely glanced past above its head, completely missing its target. A vicious light flashed through the azure wolf's eyes as its speed suddenly increased by twofold, allowing it to rapidly skirt around Du Xiao as it pounced toward the military official.

"That's a demonic wolf!"

The military official's expression changed drastically at the sight of the azure wolf's bizarre transformation, and he immediately drew his longsword without any hesitation.

White spiritual light then flashed from a spirit tool ring on his finger, and the longsword transformed into a swath of sword projections that shielded his body within.

It turned out that this seemingly nondescript military official was carrying a low-grade spirit tool with him.

In the face of the barrier of sword projections conjured up by the low-grade spirit tool, a hint of disdain flashed through the oncoming wolf beat's eyes. It merely raised its two front paws before swiping them rapidly through the air several times, upon which azure claw projections were sent hurtling toward the official from all directions.

As soon as the claws projections struck the barrier of sword projections, the latter was destroyed almost without any capacity for resistance amid a series of loud booms. In contrast, the azure claw projections were only slowed down minutely before continuing to descend toward the military official.

The military official unleashed a resilient swing of his sword in response, but he knew that his resistance would prove to be completely futile, and his face had already turned deathly pale in the face of impending death.

Right at this moment, a humanoid figure suddenly swayed beside him as another person rushed into the inescapable net of claw projections. The figure let loose a cold harrumph, and even though it wasn't very loud, the military official felt as if a bell were tolling directly beside his ear, completley jerking him out of his horror and despair.

The figure then raised a hand, and a swath of golden light met the oncoming claw projections.

An earthshattering boom erupted as all of the azure claw projections were shattered into nothingness by the golden light.

The military official was ecstatic upon seeing this, and only then did he catch a clear glimpse of his savior. It was none other than the other man who had been deployed to protect him, Han Li.

Han Li was currently in the process of slowly withdrawing a fist that was shimmering with golden light. At the same time, he was appraising the azure demonic wolf that was hovering in mid-air in a completely expressionless manner.

The demonic wolf had stopped itself cold in its tracks, an

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