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The fat man let out an inward sigh of relief and thanked the purple-robed man with a smile. He used the jade pendant on a speck of light that said ‘4’.

The number that said ‘4’ was touched by the pendant’s azure light and it blurred to a ‘5’.

This was a location in the Jade Rapid Mountains, the place with the densest spiritual Qi.

When the other sitting cultivators saw this, their expressions vastly changed. A few of the others had a similar idea to him and now had no choice but to take a change of plans.

Because the fat man was a late Deity Transformation-stage cultivator, his cultivation and words seemed to weigh down on the other cultivators.

Now that the fat man had chosen, he returned to his own seat and wanted to see what the others would pick.

Because of his choice, the remaining cultivators eventually stood up to make their choice, both taking an area at Heavenly Sound Mountain, one without any people and one with.

Once those two made their selection, they immediately headed down.

The remaining cultivators each frowned as if unable to come to a decision.

At that moment, Han Li suddenly stood up and walked to the purple-robed man.

The other cultivators were faintly startled.

After all, Han Li had only recently arrived, so it was unexpected for him to quickly come to a decision.

Han Li stroked his storage bracelet and took out a white jade box into his hand. Then with a smile, he handed them to the large purple-robed man with his own jade pendant.

The purple-robed man didn’t immediately take the jade box. Instead, he glanced at Han Li and said, “I heard there was a newly ascended cultivator that arrived in the city. Are you that fellow surnamed Han?”

“Senior is well informed. That is me.” Han Li’s heart trembled, but he showed none of his shock on his face.

“In that case, this should be the first time you’ve picked a cave residence. You won’t need to pay a price and can choose a spirit land.”

“Many thanks, Senior!” Han Li’s face blanked and he quickly withdrew the jade box with a smile.

When the cultivators heard that Han Li was a newly ascended, they glanced at him with an odd expression.

It seemed newly ascended cultivators were a special existence in the city.

The large man quickly examined Han Li’s pendant and gave it back to him with a nod.

Han Li didn’t hesitate and waved his pendant over an uninhabited area.

The azure light passed through it and marked the area with ‘1’.

An uproar was raised when they saw the area Han Li chose.

The area Han Li picked was an area on Jade Rapid Mountain with the most inferior spiritual Qi.

It wasn’t strange for a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator to choose that mountain range, but there were other areas on the mountain range with no one as well. Han Li instead choose the most unremarkable area with the least spiritual Qi. This left them bewildered.

The spirit land’s sole benefit was that to make up

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