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Yu Yang City was quite a distance away from An Yuan City.

But with the speed of flight on foot, Han Li only needed a year before he arrived near the ruins of An Yuan City.

The journey was quite dangerous, and he even went out of his way to travel through inhabited areas, but the distance between cities was truly far.

Along the way, he had no choice but to kill many wild beasts and a few low-grade demon beasts as well.

Of course, this was because he was travelling alone in the wilderness.

If he were travelling in a group, a few low-grade demon beasts wouldn’t dare to attack him.

Although it had been many years since he had been to the ruins of An Yuan City, it hadn’t changed by much.

He couldn't see the end to its ruined walls, but it was covered in layers of dust.

Han Li stood in place for a long while as his mind wandered.

He already cultivated the Vajra Arts to the peak of the seventh layer. So long as he breaks through this bottleneck, his cultivation will reach grand completion.

To tell the truth, the speed of his cultivation was far faster than he anticipated.

Since the spirit realm’s spiritual Qi was far greater than that of the mortal realm, it was already an ideal place for cultivation and with his body altered by many medicines and odd fruits, his body’s potential was at the peak of humankind.

In the past when he left An Yuan City with the Gold Jade Sect cultivators, they entered a demon beast nest. With his abilities, they were able to easily acquire the medicinal plant they were looking for.

In their joy, the cultivators gave Han Li a document guaranteeing his entrance to the Nine Profound Brightjade Pond. After they took back the jade medallions they entrusted to Han Li, they happily returned to their sect.

After they split up, he didn’t return the Mistress Fang or the Heavenly East Enterprise as he felt he had become too prominent. Instead, he chose to sneak into other human cities.

Furthermore, the blood curse contract had no effect on him.

His objective was Yu Yang City, one of the closer cities and a holy land for body refiners, as it would prove very useful to his cultivation. As for the short sword that was given to Han Li by the corpse puppet of the city lord, Han Li didn’t trust it at all; he immediately destroyed it after his encounter with the demon cultivator.

When he was halfway to Yu Yang City, he was at a crucial point in the consolidation of the Vajra Art’s fifth layer. Unfortunately, that was also when he was ambushed by several demon beasts.

Although he managed to kill them, he soon encountered backlash from the Vajra Arts and his cultivation sharply dropped by nearly an entire level.

During his moment of peril, he came across a young merchant named Fatty Fan that happened to carry a few suitable rare medicines.

Since Han Li was saved by these medicines, he felt grateful to the merchant, but he also wanted someone that could help conceal

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