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“One is called the Silver Wick Stone. The other is something that I don’t know. You’ll just have to take a look at it for yourself. The old man opened one of the boxes to reveal a silver fist-sized rock.

He then closed the box and tossed the box in Han Li’s direction.

When the beautiful woman heard that name, she cried out in delight. As for the youth, he immediately shouted, “Wait, we want that stone!” He quickly reached out for it.

An azure mist shot out towards the embroidered box.

When Han Li heard the name of the stone, his expression also stirred, but when the youth made an effort to take ahold of it, his face sank.

With a wave of his hand, a crack sounded and his arm burst forward, extending a meter in length and grabbing ahold of the two boxes.

At that moment, the azure mist continued to pull, dragging Han Li as it attempted to take the box by force.

Han Li coldly snorted and shook his shoulder. Like a spring, his body flew three meters forward and struck the azure mist with his other hand in the form of a golden palm.

In a gust of wind, the golden palm tore through the mist like paper and scattered it.

“A high-grade body refiner!” The youth had formed an incantation gesture to launch that mist. But after seeing Han Li act, his face changed and he became hesitant.

“Senior Martial Brother Qian, please wait,” the woman surnamed Lu called out, “Let’s have a proper talk about it. There is no need to take action. Shopkeeper, this Silver Wick Stone hasn’t been sold yet. No matter the price, I am willing to pay double. What do you think?”

“That won’t do. Even if Fairy Lu is a descendent of Senior Huang Liang, you cannot break the rules of my Sky World Pavilion. This isn’t an auction house where you can claim things with a higher price. Furthermore, I will be serving those who arrive first. Unless this Fellow Daoist truly doesn’t want it, I will not be selling the Silver Wick Stone to someone else.” It was unknown whether there were truly rules in place, or if the old man was making things difficult.

Cultivator Lu couldn't help but turn to look at Han Li.

However, Han Li didn’t pay her any attention. He was currently opening the other box to reveal a grey rectangular ore. Its surface was as glossy as polished jade, but its dark color also gave a strange sensation.

The youth surnamed Qian looked at Han Li and slowly said, “My master is Honored Monk Qiu Long. If you let Junior Martial Sister Lu take that Silver Wick Stone, I will pay you double the price. Let it go.” His words were polite, but his voice was harsh as if he thought little of him.

Han Li looked at the grey stone and stroked it with his finger. Without raising his eyes, he said, “I will not.”

“What did you say?” The youth’s expression turned exceptionally unsightly. He didn’t think for a second that Han Li would refuse.

Han Li glanced at the youth and calmly said, “This item might be precious to your companion, but d

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