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Han Li curiously examined the items on display and swept his spiritual sense past them.

The branch had extremely thin wood spiritual Qi, but it also possessed an intense lightning-attributed power as if it was formed from lightning. He was astonished by its existence.

This immediately reminded him of the Heaven Lightning Bamboo.

But even ten-thousand-year-old Golden Lightning Bamboo didn’t possess such fearsome lightning power. Its Divine Devilbane Lightning is usually well restrained.

As for the crimson gem, it let out a fishy scent as if it were the inner core of a beast, but he couldn't tell its origins.

Han Li looked at this with some interest, but after a moment more, he quietly left to another vendor’s booth.

He then arrived at demon vendor with head-sized chunks of black ore that gave off a chill.


Han Li slowly paced through the hall and looked at what was on display. He would occasionally stop and take a close look.

From start to finish, he hadn’t said a word as if he were ignoring the vendors entirely.

Han Li quickly looked through all the items on display, but he found himself somewhat disappointed.

Although all the items were rare enough, there was nothing that truly tempted him.

Although these items have come from the wilderness, there were unfamiliar items and would only be useful to an odd few.

Han Li swept his gaze around. Just as he thought about whether he should leave the hall, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

The white mist around him blurred and he suddenly turned around. The footsteps then came to a stop as if in surprise of Han Li’s quick reaction.

The person was a demon cultivator as they were covered in black Qi. They had a slim body and was examining Han Li.

They were both hidden by secret techniques. Apart from a faint silhouette, nothing could be made out.

“Is there anything you want from me?” Han Li calmly asked.

“Did you not find any suitable items, Fellow Daoist?” A pleasant female voice spoke from the black cloud.

“Yes, I haven’t found anything that caught my interest. Why did you ask me that?”

“It appears this is your first time at the Profound Zenith Hall. In truth, apart from what is put on display the truly good items are found in private exchanges,” the woman calmly said.

“So it was like that. But wouldn’t it be easier to find a suitable customer if one showed it in the open?” Han Li said with a frown.

“So you don’t know, Fellow Daoist, or you’re being deliberately dense. Even with the concealment pendants and banners, it is still easy to tell one apart. Furthermore, some items are quite provocative so it isn’t best to have too many people know about it. Alright, that’s enough for now. Do you have any items you wish to trade?” The woman’s impatience seemed to grow colder out of impatience.

“So long as you have good items, I am willing to trade. However, I must ask why did you seek me out.” Han Li said.

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