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Only the short span of a few breaths had passed since the giant python pounced toward Han Li to the moment that it was completely dismembered. All of the soldiers and body refinement warriors that were preparing to step in and help were all completley and utterly dumbstruck. At the same time, they were ecstatic to have such a powerful ally on their side.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Han Li was most definitely no ordinary body refinement warrior. With a man of his extraordinary talents on his side, they were going to be a lot safer. Thus, all of them were feeling quite reinvigorated as they continued to slay the ordinary crimson python beast around them.

The battle was becoming fiercer and fiercer, and more and more of those mutated giant pythons were beginning to appear.

Han Li didn't know about what was happening elsewhere, but on the stretch of the city wall where he was situated, he had already slain five or six mutated giant pythons on his own.

He had learned his lesson from the first mutated giant python he had slain, and he now made sure to dismember all of them into a dozen or so pieces. That way, there was no chance that they would be able to launch a sneak attack against him.

As such, the other body refinement warriors and soldiers could focus solely on combating the normal python beasts, and their jobs were made a lot easier.

Unfortunately, the other sections of the city wall didn't have a fearsome warrior like Han Li among their ranks.

Amid birds of loud hissing and violent tremors, one mutated giant python after another clambered onto the city wall, destroying large sections of the wall with reckless abandon using their massive powerful tails. Aside from some body refinement warriors who were wielding heavy weapons, no one else could withstand so much as a single strike from these insanely powerful brutes, and the battle became extremely arduous for them.

However, the ease with which Han Li was killing giant pythons seemed to have attracted the attention of the swarm of pythons down below. All of a sudden, a series of crimson figures shot into the air, and three giant pythons appeared on the city wall at once. As soon as they descended, all of them pounced toward Han Li with unbridled ferocity.

Han Li raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise, but a cold smile then surfaced on his face as he hurled his saber toward one of the oncoming pythons.

In the face of an ordinary saber like this one, a giant python normally wouldn't even need to take evasive measures as there was no way that he blade could slice through its armor-like scales. However, Han Li had hurled the saber with astonishingly immense force, making it just as destructive as the most powerful spirit tools. The saber flashed through the air as a streak of cold light, sinking into the python's head before emerging from its tail, slicing the python cleanly in half lengthwise!

Han Li's body then swayed, and he suddenly m

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