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When Han Li looked at the small beast over a hundred meters away, he let out a deep sigh. He panted for a short moment before his breath returned to normal.

However, his eyes didn’t leave the beast for a moment.

The leopard was the same size as a common cat, but it possessed a shocking speed.

Even Han Li’s Shifting Smoke Steps still paled in speed.

As a result, a few swipes managed to land on his azure robes during the battle, revealing the grey armor and golden flesh underneath.

Not only was the beast’s speed astonishing, but its claws were incredibly sharp as well.

There were varying degrees of scars on his armor. Even his cultivated hardy body had blood drawn from the feline’s claws.

Fortunately, under the effects of various medicines, fruits, and treasures, his flesh had become as hardy as an ordinary magic treasure and possessed shocking regenerative abilities. In a short moment, Han Li was able to heal his wounds.

Even so, Han Li still felt quite gloomy.

When he first encountered the leopard, it appeared soundly sleep on top of a nearby tree and appeared harmless.

At that time, Han Li’s mind welled with a child-like curiosity and thought to pet the small beast.

But he hadn’t expected at all that he would startle the beast and send it flying into a ferocious rage.

In a few leaps, it would surround him with a dozen after images attacking him.

As he was unable to release his spiritual sense, he was unable to grasp its location even with his spirit eyes and suffered much from it.

Eventually, the small beast was forced to retreat with minute scars covering its body.

Helpless, Han Li could only use the Smoke Sifting Steps to its maximum level and circulate the enormous power of his body into his arms, flicking his spear until it became a cloud of black light.

As the spear shadow whistled, it inspired fear in the beast, stalling off its attacks.

But no matter how powerful Han Li may be, he couldn't sustain his attack for long.

As the spear in his hand somewhat slowed, the leopard swept through spear mist and swiped at Han Li’s throat.

In Han Li’s furious alarm, he desperately exerted a speed greater than before and quickly turned the spear to block the leopard’s claw.

The small beast was greatly alarmed and jumped ten meters away. Then it cautiously stared at Han Li with a pair of green eyes.

Han Li and the leopard found themselves in a deadlock.

The beast was extremely gloomy to find a strange character such as Han Li who possessed immense strength and impenetrable flesh.

With the formation of the stalemate, Han Li used this opportunity to thoroughly examine the leopard with narrowed eyes.

Soon, Han Li let out a sigh.

Apart from its small size, it appeared to be an ordinary leopard. After searching through his memories of the records he read in Setting Sun City, he wasn’t able to think of what this ferocious ancient beast could be.

It was als

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