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Following a brief stupor, the weapon distribution process was sped up following a loud instruction from the middle-aged man clad in silver armor.

Someone finally also began to organize Han Li and all of the new body refinement warriors into groups.

Due to the fact that a battle was imminent, all of the body refinement warriors, who were normally quite uncouth and uncooperative, had set aside their egos for the greater good. Thus, it only took a short while for the roughly 200 body refinement warriors present to be split up into a dozen or so groups.

The Heavenly East Enterprise also had over 200 members, so they naturally formed a branch of their own.

The young and inexperienced mortals remained as a backup squad, and weren't deployed right away. Instead, body refinement warriors and trained warriors were deployed onto the city wall to assist the soldiers of An Yuan City.

Perhaps it was because the group of people from the Heavenly East Enterprise were too eye-catching, but they were chosen to be among the first batch of warriors deployed onto the city walls.

As such, Han Li and the other members of the Heavenly East Enterprise were sent to one of the four city walls, having been assigned the duty of guarding that city wall with the soldiers who were already stationed there, of which there were more than 1,000.

Han Li stood on the city wall and cast his gaze into the distance. The pack of azure wolves had already stopped howling and were slowly converging toward them. There was no end in sight to their vast numbers, making it appear as if a set of azure plains were traveling toward the city.

The collective rustling from countless wolf paws scratching against the ground was audible even from their perch on the city wall, creating quite an intimidating symphony that struck all of the onlooking warriors with an indescribable sense of pressure.

Many of the soldiers had already paled with fright. However, no one felt the need to deliver a motivational speech or an address to lift everyone's spirits.

If the city fell, their families would all be reduced to prey for these vicious wolves. As such, even though they were absolutely petrified, there was no way that any of them would back down. Thus, the low-level military officials on the city wall merely issued a few instructions to prepare for the upcoming battle before everyone waited in silence.

The wolf pack didn't appear to be moving very quickly, but they were slowly becoming clearer to everyone as they approached.

The most noticeable wolves within the pack were those mutated wolf beasts that were almost twice as large as normal azure wolves.

These huge wolves were dispersed in various locations all over the wolf pack, and even though their fur retained their original azure hue, their eyes had turned from black into a rather unsettling green color. Through those menacing green eyes, a hint of spiritual nature could be gleaned.

Han Li's brows f

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