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Upon seeing this, Han Li cast his gaze toward the surface of the pond.

Aside from the fact that the water in the pond was remarkably clear, it was completely mundane and nondescript otherwise.

Just as Han Li was feeling rather surprised and perplexed about this, City Lord Lan appraised the three identical young men, and he suddenly asked, "I heard that there's a mutated wolf demon in the Silvermoon Wolf Race that was able to cultivate its three heads into three different avatars with the assistance of an immensely powerful being. Each and every one of those avatars possesses a cultivation base at the pinnacle of the Nascent Soul Stage, and when all three join forces, they're capable of taking on a Deity Transformation being. Could you three be those very same avatars?"

The three young men chuckled in unison upon hearing this. One of them immediately said, "I didn't think us three brothers would be so widely-renowned. That's right, we are that Cerberus Moon Wolf. We've also heard much about you, City Lord Lan; care for a spar?"

"Hmph, I have no time for such activities. Fellow Daoist Xiao, what are you planning by entering the valley alone?" City Lord Lan disregarded the challenge being direct at him, turning toward the young woman instead with an interrogative gaze.

"What am I planning? Didn't Senior Huan say that there are Spirit Tribe cultivators trying to capture this so-called Spirit Tribe traitor in the pond? I came to stop them, of course," the young woman replied with a dainty smile.

City Lord Lan looked at the young woman for a while, then glanced at the pond before asking, "Is that so? I'm glad you have such intentions, Fellow Daoist Xiao. Please continue; I will guard the pond in the meantime to prevent any Spirit Tribe beings from entering the pond, how about that?"

The young woman faltered slightly upon hearing this before chuckling at the sight of Tou Tuo and the several other Nascent Soul cultivators beside City Lord Lan.

"If you hadn't come here, then perhaps I would indeed be venturing into the pond. However, seeing as you're here, I'll leave this opportunity to you, Brother Lan. You're not going to make a frail woman like me enter the pond in your stead, are you? I heard that you have a Water Warding Jade Rhinoceros Horn treasure; that thing will surely be very useful for when you enter the pond."

"I can enter the pond, but you have to take your forces and exit the Chaotic Valley first." City Lord Lan's expression suddenly darkened as his voice became cold and uncompromising.

Seeing as City Lord Lan had cast aside all semblance of pleasantries, the young woman's expression also changed slightly, and she gave a cold harrumph before falling silent.

Neither side was willing to back down at this critical juncture.

Meanwhile, City Lord Lan's lips were twitching as he discussed something with Tou Tuo through voice transmission. As he did so, a hint of malicious intent surfaced in his ey

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