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The cloud of blood roiled and instantly condensed into a blood lotus that twirled around its body. Over ten streaks of swordlight were absorbed into it.

The small vial flew over thirty meters away and disappeared into emptiness in the blink of an eye.

When Huan Tianqi arrived and saw this, he let out a furious roar, spitting out a grey demon wind with it. Hail and sand and stone swept over the area Han Li was hidden.

Although the demon wasn’t able to see Han Li’s figure, he was rich with battle experience. He was able to make out that a human using concealment techniques had seized the bottle.

When Han Li saw the demon wind come to attack him, his expression faintly changed.

After he concealed himself, it was impossible for him to immediately fly out of range of the demon wind. Once the wind brushed past him, it would immediately dispel his invisibility talisman.

In that split second, Xu Tian’s face turned sullen and he pointed at the engulfing winds with an incantation gesture.

A red swordlight tore through the air from over the horizon and flew into his hand. It then flashed, cleaving through the demon winds and directly cutting at Hua Tianqi.

Frightened, Hua Tianqi hastily reached out above him.

A grey demon claw immediately appeared and cleaved at the incoming crimson light. The grey and red light intertwined finding themselves in a deadlock for the time being.

When Han Li saw this, he was elated and began to fly away, still concealed.

But then, a cold snort sounded from behind him, “Where do you think you’re going?”

He suddenly sensed something flash from the yellow mist and a white jade seal strangely warped above his head. In a blur, it turned over thirty-meters-large and pounded down towards Han Li.

The attack was lightning swift. Xu Tian shouted, knowing it was too late for him to help.

Han Li had already witnessed its might and when the giant pounded it, it was entirely unscathed.

He absolutely couldn't receive the strike.

His expression wavered several times before he let out a sigh.

As the jade seal pressed down, silver light flashed and revealed Han Li.

Han Li slapped the roof of his head and summoned a small cauldron wrapped in azure light. He opened it to release a string of clear cries, followed by a barrage of countless azure threads. They quickly waved together a net of light to catch the seal above him.

The seal continued to press down, dropping right on top of the net.

A chain of explosions ruptured. The seal appeared unharmed as usual, and the azure net began to slowly crumble. However, the Heavenvoid Cauldron was a Divine Spirit Treasure. With another wave of azure threads, it completely halted the jade seal’s momentum.

Han Li grasped his hands in an incantation gesture to use this opportunity. Thunder cried, followed by the appearance of azure-white wings on his back.

His body seemed to twist as he turned into a white line, disappearin

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